How to Choose a Wood Finish for Your Glass Project

After reading this blog and browsing around the site, you’re convinced you want to order a glass item from CBD Glass. This is a great choice, so congratulations!

There’s just one issue: the item would include wood. Whether it’s a wooden table with a glass inlay, an entertainment center, or something else, you’re wondering how well wood and glass play together. The answer is very well indeed.

If your glass accent item is going to include wood, you may have more questions still. Which wood colors look best with the glass? How do you choose?

Here at CBD Glass, we strive to make it as easy as possible to design the glass accent item of your dreams. That’s why we provide several wood finishes that will look great with your new accent item. Here’s an overview.

Wenge Color


The first wood option we provide here at CBD Glass is wenge. This is the darkest wood you can find from us. It comes from an African legume tree known as the Millettia laurentii. Wenge may go by the names awong, bokonge, mibotu, dikela, faux ebony, or African rosewood.

If you want to create a sleek look with nearly black wood, then wenge is a great choice. It would look awesome for an entertainment center, coffee table, home bar, or dining room table.

Mahogany Color


The next wood option is mahogany. This is sourced from the Swietenia humilis tree genus and is known for its unique brownish/reddish hue. There are two other mahogany species besides the Swietenia humilis. These are the Swietenia mahagoni genus, aka Cuban or West Indian mahogany as well as the Swietenia macrophylla genus, which is referred to as big-leaf or Honduran mahogany.

The durability and subtle beauty of mahogany makes it a perfect choice for dining room tables, kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, and vanities.

Honey Maple Color

Honey Maple

Another beautiful wood option for your glass accent project is honey maple. All maple varieties are attributed to the maple tree, which belongs to the Sapindaceae family. With more than 128 species, honey maple is one of them. This blondish wood has a lighter brown color than mahogany.

That neutral hue makes honey maple an ideal choice for dining room tables, kitchen counters and cabinets, entertainment rooms, and bathroom cabinetry.

Cherry Color


The last type of wood offered at CBD Glass is cherry. This wood is named such because it’s harvested from the cherry tree or Prunusavium. While cherries do grow on this tree, its wood has a cherry-like color as well. The hue has shades of brown and dark red. Besides being a standout wood type in home remodeling, cherry wood is often favored for food-smoking, musical instrument construction, and woodturning.

While you can use cherry wood for any project around the house, many homeowners and happy CBD customers have chosen this wood type for their new kitchen cabinets. In fact, that’s one of the applications cherry wood is best-known for.

Whichever wood type suits your fancy best, we’re ready to work with you. Call us today at 1-855-872-4223.