How Thick Should a Glass Backsplash Be?

A glass backsplash is an exemplary solution for kitchens or bathrooms in which messes accumulate on the walls. You can use a backslash to protect the walls from water, food grease, food scraps, and other residue.

If your walls are freshly painted or papered, a backsplash is an especially viable solution.

You’re ready to proceed with a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, but you have no idea how thick it should be to offer adequate protection. Just how thick should you go with your backsplash?

Here at CBD Glass, we recommend one of two sizes, ¼ inches or 3/8th inches.

At that thickness, you can ensure your backsplash is burly enough to protect your walls but not so thick that its appearance is detracted from.

glass backsplash

If you choose to work with the pros at CBD Glass for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash, the glass thickness is one element of many that you can change.

Our team specializes in customizable glass accent pieces. You get to design the precise shape and size of your backsplash.

Some of our customers have chosen a whole-wall backslash in translucent glass so they can still appreciate the wallpaper or paintjob underneath. Other customers opt for smaller backsplashes with decorative tiles that protect a portion of the wall that sees the most action.

You also have the option to get the glass backsplash colored in a service we offer called backpainting. We’ll paint one side of the glass any color you want, from timeless neutrals to bright hues, pastels, metallics, and even a swirl of colors.

It’s your backsplash, so the colors are your choice!

To introduce some awesome dimension to your glass backsplash, you might consider our texturing services. We give you a nearly endless assortment of textures to choose from.

The textures range from those that mimic desert sands to rushing rivers, graphic pixels, and starry night skies. Your backsplash will look much more unique with some texturing.

glass backsplash

We offer yet another great service for taking your custom kitchen or bathroom backsplash to the next level, and that’s LED lighting. We can install lighting in white, red, green, or blue.

At night, when you turn the LED lights on, any texturing across your backsplash will come to life in a brand-new way.

Plus, many of our customers love how the LED lights cast an attractive yet secure glow around the perimeter of their kitchen or bathroom. If you’re someone who gets up in the middle of the night for a glass of water or maybe that late-night snack, you’ll appreciate the LED lights as well.

If you’re interested in designing your custom kitchen or bathroom backsplash with the pros at CBD Glass, give us a call or contact us via our website today. If you have project specs and a blueprint or drawing, we can provide a quote!