How Many Square Feet of Countertop Are in an Average Kitchen?

Have you ever set foot in a kitchen with a countertop that’s too big? It doesn’t matter how spacious the rest of the kitchen is, you can’t help but feel squished. The problem can be made even worse with an ill-fitting kitchen island that adds to the tightness. This constriction sure doesn’t make you want to spend much time in the kitchen.

You could even have the opposite problem, where your countertop is too small. It looks odd and mismatched compared to the rest of your kitchen. In a case like this, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the other features in the kitchen are. It’s hard to see past the too-small countertop.

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Neither of these situations are ones you want to be in as a homeowner. How can you ensure your kitchen countertop is perfectly sized? You need to know what the average square feet of countertop is in most kitchens.

The answer? 30 square feet.

In case you can’t envision it, 30 square feet has an area of 5.48 feet by 5.48 feet. It’s not necessarily an overly large countertop, but one of typical size. Also, since it’s an average, do keep in mind that this square footage is not necessarily one that will work for every kitchen.

For example, if you have an overly large kitchen, then you’d need a bigger countertop to match. In smaller kitchens, you might shave off a few square feet. The average is just meant to act as your starting point when measuring out countertops for your kitchen.

Knowing the average square footage of countertops in most kitchens is only the beginning. You also need to measure how tall your countertop should be. This is often represented as linear feet instead of square feet when you shop around. The equivalent of a linear foot is 12 inches by 12 inches.

The depth of a linear foot is 25 inches while the width about 12 inches. This allows your kitchen countertop to line up with the average depth.

Having all this information makes it easier to determine the right depth for your kitchen cabinets, as the depth and overhang of your countertop influences the sizing of your cabinets. Let’s say your countertop was 24 inches wide and had an overhang of an inch. Your lower cabinets beneath the countertop would also have to be 24 inches but with no overhang. Your upper cabinets would be half as wide, or 12 inches.

The Glass Countertops Available at CBD Glass

Whether your countertop will be about average in terms of square footage or a little out of the norm, our staff at CBD Glass will work with you to get everything perfect. You can customize all parts of your glass countertop project with us, from the size, glass thickness, color, shape, and design of your countertop.

We stock a variety of countertops for the home, each made of our durable and easy-to-clean glass. These include kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as kitchen islands for easier food prep. Call us today for more info!