How does a glass backsplash add value to your home?

Glass tile backsplash

Many of us strive to improve our home’s curb appeal in ways big and small, even if we have no intentions of leaving anytime soon. It’s for the higher quality of life and for the exceptional feeling of knowing our home is the most valuable one on the block (or maybe even the entire neighborhood). 

On that note, you’ve been wrestling with the thought of adding a backsplash to your kitchen. You think it will make your life easier, but still, you wonder. If a potential homebuyer walks into a kitchen and sees a backsplash, would it kill their interest right then and there?

Certainly not! If anything, it would increase their interest, as a glass backsplash can elevate your home’s curb appeal in many important ways.

Here’s how. 

Preserves the Walls

Kitchen glass backsplashes

The first is in what is probably a glass backsplash’s biggest benefit, and that’s protecting your walls. The entire reason the backsplash craze has caught on among so many homeowners is in the interest of reducing kitchen cleanup time. 

You know how annoying it can be to have to wipe down the walls of your kitchen every other day or so after making a big meal. That’s in addition to washing the dishes, cleaning the counters, and sweeping and mopping the floors. It’s a lot! 

Preserving your walls is a backsplash’s number-one duty, and it’s one glass is excellent at. Since glass is nonporous, it doesn’t become a hotbed for bacteria that can get you sick. It also doesn’t stain, so you can cook yourself into a frenzy without worrying about ruining your backsplash. 

Wall preservation is important if you have fancy wallpapering across your kitchen or if you recently gave it a fresh coat of paint. The better the condition of your kitchen, the higher your property’s curb appeal. 

Maintains the Cabinetry

Bathroom backsplash glass

One of your kitchen’s focal points is the cabinetry. You either spent a small fortune to get the cabinet set of your dreams, or perhaps you lucked upon it and the homeowner before you had excellent taste.

Either way, you can discover the hard way that kitchen messes aren’t solely contained to the walls. They can get on the cabinets, especially if you cook a lot of complex dishes that require tossing or flipping, or if your cabinets are installed lower on the wall (or are large and extend further down the wall).

If you’re not quick about cleaning your cabinets, they can get stained. At the very least, they’ll be dirty. A backsplash spares your cabinets, keeping them in pristine shape for longer so your kitchen value is higher. 

After all, you can take a lot of things with you when you move out of a house, but the cabinets aren’t one of them! 

Keeps Counters Clean

Besides cabinetry, kitchen counters are another high-value feature, especially if yours are made of a desirable material like quartz, glass, faux stone, or granite. 

If kitchen messes can come raining down on your cabinets, it’s not a stretch at all to consider your counters can also become filthy in short order.

Some counter materials are difficult to clean, requiring tough chemicals. You might worry about eroding the finish of your counter if you use chemicals or harsh sponges often enough. 

A backsplash will make your counters cleaner, extending their longevity, but may we also suggest a glass counter to go with your backsplash? It won’t stain, it doesn’t require chemical cleaners, and it will retain its charm while elevating your home’s curb appeal!