How Do You Protect a Glass Table Top?

Your glass tabletops just arrived. You’ve spent hours marveling at them, as they’ve transformed your older tables, breathing new life into your furniture. You want to take every precaution you can today and in the future to keep your tabletops looking as good as they do now. How do you protect your glass tabletops?

Here are some tips we recommend.

Don’t Put Items Directly on the Glass

It’s hard to scratch and scuff glass, but you don’t want to push your luck. When serving drinks on your glass tabletop, always put the beverages on a coaster. This will prevent condensation from forming on the glass countertop that could make it slippery.

For meals, placemats will keep your plates from causing any kind of damage, as they won’t make direct contact with the tabletop.

Keep Hot Items Off

Your big dinner just came out of the oven and you can’t wait to serve it, but you’ll have to. Leave the hot baking dish or plate elsewhere for a few minutes right out of the oven, as hot items on your glass tabletop could harm it.

Train Pets and Teach Children to Behave

One way to really make scratches in your new glass countertop would be if your cat jumped up on the table and skittered across. The same is true if you have a bigger dog that can stand on their hindlegs and be halfway up your table.

To keep sharp claws as far from your glass tabletop as possible, train your pets to sit, stay, and not beg. You’ll not only enjoy higher-quality meals at your glass tabletop because of its beauty, but due to the peace and quiet as well.

Now is also a good time to educate your children about the value of your glass tabletops. Tell them not to draw on the tabletop, eat meals without a coaster and placemat, and certainly not to play on the surface. The sooner your kids know the tabletop isn’t a toy, the better.

Buy a Nice Runner or Tablecloth

If you’re worried that even placemats and coasters aren’t enough to protect your new investment, you can also use a tablecloth. The downside of this is that your entire new glass tabletop is covered, which sort of defeats the purpose.

A slim runner that goes over only the most-used parts of your tabletop is another option, as now you can again enjoy your new glass item.

Clean the Tabletop Often

When you see stains, smudges, or—goodness forbid—scratches on your glass tabletop, don’t ignore these. Stains and smudges clean up with a soft cloth, soap, and water. You can use products like baking soda, toothpaste, and clear nail polish or topcoat to buff out small, minor scratches.

A clean tabletop is a happy tabletop, and yours will shine spotlessly.

If this post has convinced you to look into glass tabletops, contact our team at CBD Glass. We’re based in Canada and custom-design all our glass accent items, countertops and tabletops included. You can reach us by phone at 1-855-872-4223.