How Do You Pick a Backsplash Color?

With a sudsy sponge, you begin scouring your kitchen wall for the third time this month, saying a silent prayer that the heavy-duty cleaner you used doesn’t strip away the paint right from the wall.

The time you spend scrubbing your kitchen goes beyond basic post-meal cleanup. You’d love to save more time (and spare your walls) with a kitchen backsplash, but you’ve always hesitated. After all, what color would be best for your backsplash?

In today’s post, that’s exactly the question we’ll help you answer! Here are some methods you can use when selecting the color of your backsplash.

Match Your Kitchen Furniture

When it comes to the color your kitchen backsplash will be, you’ve got to choose items that have staying power. As much as you love the paint color on your walls right now, who’s to say how you’ll feel three or five years from now?

Your kitchen cabinetry and fixtures are more permanent additions. Changing them is time-consuming and expensive, so your kitchen is likely to look like this for the next decade or so.

From your cabinets to your tiled kitchen flooring and even the countertops or a kitchen island, let the colors of these fixtures and features be your guide.

Or Choose a Color That Compliments Your Kitchen

Some people don’t like it when a room in their home is too matchy-matchy. If that’s your taste as well, your kitchen backsplash doesn’t have to be a perfect match for the items in your kitchen such as the cabinets or floors.

You can always choose a color that’s a close shade to those items. For instance, if your kitchen cabinets are deep, rich cherry wood, then you could go for a lighter red for your backsplash, a baby pink, or even a light tan.

For white-tiled floors, shades of ivory or gray in your backsplash will look phenomenal!

Try a Unique Approach

glass backsplash

Of course, no one’s telling you that your backsplash color must be similar to anything in your kitchen. You can go bold and select a glass backsplash color that’s not featured elsewhere in the room.

This approach will ensure your backsplash is the center of attention, as the eye of whoever’s in your kitchen will naturally gravitate towards the backsplash. Make sure then that you choose a hue that will be agreeable to you.

Timeless, modern hues such as black or white in a mostly brown or blue kitchen will certainly upgrade the look of this room for the better. Flavor-of-the-month trendy colors might be in vogue now, but in a year or two when that color falls out of favor, you’ll feel the itch to renovate your kitchen again.

Order Your Glass Backsplash Today – Call CBD Glass

Now that you’ve selected the color for your glass backsplash, you can still customize it in so many ways when you work with CBD Glass. Our experts can cut your glass backsplash to any shape and size you like. We can also illuminate your backsplash with bright LEDs that will make the color shine that much brighter!