How Do You Keep Water Spots Off Glass Sinks?

Nothing mars the appearance of a beautiful glass sink faster than water spots. It seems like no matter what you do, those ugly little spots do not want to come off the sink.

What’s even worse is that more spots appear the more you use the sink, which is so frustrating! You’re beginning to forget how picturesque and lovely your glass sink looked originally.

How do you replenish your glass sink back to its former glory?

Well, first, we have to talk about what those water spots are.

The water spots are hard water.

Water can be either hard–which means it contains minerals–or soft–which refers to the absence of minerals.

Most people throughout the United States have hard water. This hard water map shows you just how prevalent this issue is.

What’s causing those water spots on your glass sink is an accumulation of minerals within the water such as calcium and magnesium. More than likely, you also see similar spots on your glassware, right? Those are hard water spots as well, and they’re just as hard to remove. 

glass sink

That’s one sign of many that your home has hard water.

You might notice that when you wash your hands or your body in the shower that the water always feels a bit filmy. You never truly feel 100 percent clean. Your hair looks dull and your skin is dry throughout the year, even during the humid summertime. Those are other symptoms of hard water as well.

So now that you know what’s causing it, you have two options to fix your hard water issue. You can treat hard water at the source or you can continue to live with hard water but still keep your glass sink clean.

If you want to be done with hard water like yesterday, then you can use a hard water filter or a hard water softener. Both these treatments will filter the particles in the water so it comes out softer.

You’ll notice that when you do dishes or otherwise use your glass sink that no more hard water spots will accumulate. You also won’t feel that filmy sensation anymore, which is a definite plus! 

glass sink

If you have no other options for treating hard water right now, then your best course of action is to clean your sink every time you use it.

You don’t have to pull out the heavy-duty chemicals, just wipe down the sink so the water can’t accumulate on the surface of the glass.

If you have old hard water stains that stubbornly don’t want to come off, combine one part distilled water with one part lemon juice or distilled white vinegar (no need to combine them though!).

Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle, mist the hard water stains, and scrub with a sponge or a soft microfiber cloth until the stains lift away. Be sure to rinse the vinegar or lemon juice residue from the sink. It’s that easy!