It’s the Holidays. Time to Treat Yourself to a Glass Accent Piece!

The holidays are about a lot of things: warmth, family togetherness, and giving great gifts. What if you could knock all three of those birds out with one stone, so to speak?

How? With glass accent pieces from CBD Glass, of course.

It is the holidays, so why not treat yourself to something great? Glass accent pieces from Canadian glass designer and manufacturer CBD Glass will stun your friends, family, and anyone else who passes through for the Christmas season.

Here are some products to put on your list to Santa.

Frameless Glass Doors

It’s winter, which means spending lots of time inside to avoid the cold. That said, you eventually start to crave sunlight, especially after hours and hours under the harsh artificial glow of fluorescent or halogen lights.

Frameless glass doors are an especially great investment when the freezing weather rolls around. You can still drink in the beauty of sunlight without having to set foot outside. These doors are also elegant and will make a statement in your home office, bedroom, or even bathroom.

Don’t worry about privacy, either. Glass doors are frosted and/or textured to keep you feeling safe.

Decorative Glass Panels

Liven up an office space or any room at home with decorative glass panels. You can get these installed in or on the walls to make a major impact. When you order your glass panels through CBD Glass, you can customize the shape, size, and color of the glass. Your options are limitless!

If you’ve always wanted a unique home with pieces that are museum-worthy, these decorative glass panels are for you.

A Stunning Glass Vanity

You’re tired of the fixtures in your bathroom, but starting all over with a remodel is not quite in the budget right now (especially during the holiday season!). Maybe instead of gutting everything, just remove a thing or two and replace it?

A glass vanity can become the new focal point in the bathroom. If your bathroom currently lacks sophistication, getting rid of that clunky, old ceramic sink and replacing it with a glass vanity may be the only change you have to make.

Glass backsplashes by CBD Glass, textured, colored glass.

Smart Glass Backsplashes

Canadian and American Thanksgivings may have passed, but you’re not done in the kitchen for the season yet. You’ll probably spend more time there than ever, baking cookies, making hot chocolates, and preparing Christmas feasts.

Spare your kitchen walls and appliances this holiday season with a glass backsplash. Not only are these functional, but they look very appealing, too, especially when you order from CBD. No matter the shape or size, our staff can work with you to create a backsplash that fits your wall and reflects your personality.

So now that you’ve seen some of the amazing glass products we make here at CBD Glass, what are you waiting for? You know you’ve been good this year, so contact us today to start discussing your new glass accent piece. Whether you want a glass door, a backsplash, or anything in between, we can provide you with a quote.