Great Glass Backsplash Ideas for the Home

Are you ready to get your glass backsplash project started? The only thing that’s making you hesitate is you have no idea how to decorate this helpful home addition. Yes, a backsplash is supposed to be functional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good, too.

Plus, when ordering your glass backsplash through Canadian glass manufacturer CBD Glass, you have countless customization options. You’re excited for all you can do, but you could definitely use some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

You’re in luck. We’ve gathered some of our best backsplash ideas into one useful post so you can feel inspired to pick the one that’s best for you.

Colorful Tiles Across the Whole Wall

Embrace all the colors of the rainbow your heart desires with a colorful glass backsplash made of alternating tiles. This example from HGTV is a great one to emulate. The included colors–eggshell white, dark blue, teal, sea green, and orange/yellow–add a decidedly nautical vibe, as do the shape of the tiles.

Even against the dark wooden cabinetry, these tiles don’t clash.

LED-Illuminated Glass

Glass has a lot of intricacies, especially if you decide to get it textured like what we offer here at CBD Glass. Show off all those small details with LED illumination, such as this backsplash our team completed for a happy customer.

Whether you want pure white LEDs or colored ones in blue, red, or green, you can transform your glass backsplash in the right light.

Whole Sheet Glass Backsplash

Backsplashes don’t only have to be used to preserve your current kitchen or bathroom walls. If you’re not quite thrilled with that old wallpapering or the out-of-date paintjob, cover it up! A whole sheet glass backsplash, which you can see on Apartment Therapy here, is an appealing and smart way to do just that.

This backsplash is a dark teal hue, but you can choose any other color that catches your eye. If you prefer translucent glass, that’s yet another option you have.

Textured Glass

As we said before, texturing is something we excel at here at CBD. Whether you want a simpler texture or one that captivates attention, our team can help. You can even get a sunrise style texture such as this one found on Trendir.

Against a simple white wall, this glass backsplash still makes a big impact. Your kitchen or bathroom could have something equally amazing to show off to friends and family.

Call CBD Glass to Order Your Customized Glass Backsplash Today

We hope the above ideas have gotten your gears turning. Now that you know what you may want for your glass backsplash, we at CBD Glass want to hear from you! You can reach out to us by phone, email, or even through an online form on our website.

If you have details like blueprints, measurements, or drawings, we can get you a quote quickly. Then you can finally get started with an amazing glass backsplash you’ll love.