Glass Vessel Sink Color Ideas

Glass vessel sinks are such a head-turning addition to any bathroom that you’ve long since considered adding one to your own bathroom a time or two before.

However, the one thing that has always made you hold off was you weren’t sure which color to choose for your glass vessel sink.

Well, the good news is that when you hire a team such as the pros at CBD Glass, your vessel sink can be any color under the sun.

We realize that gives you a lot of choices, almost too many. How can you possibly pick?

We’ll help with your decision in this post!


Now, we know what you’re going to say. Brown can be a rather bland color.

Yet that all depends on the application, we think.

For instance, in a lighter-colored bathroom with hues like beige, white, or even pale green, a brown vessel sink such as this one would look extraordinary. The copper notes and warmth of the sink make it a great choice.

The key is adding texturing to the glass to bring out the unique color.


red sink

Red is another color choice for a glass vessel sink if you favor bold hues.

Now, this sink that our pleased CBD customer requested isn’t wholly red, so if you’re worried that red might be a little too attention-grabbing, don’t stress too hard.

Instead, hues such as black, dark red, orange, and purple balance out the bright red so it looks more natural.

A vessel sink in this color family would look at home in most bathrooms, especially a fun and funky one that already wholly embraces the use of color.

Gold and Black

Here’s another glass vessel sink idea that’s anything but one-note.

This gold and black sink is a winner.

The gold almost looks like it’s weathered and peeling away, revealing the black underneath. Without any texturing at all, this vessel sink has layers of visual appeal to it.

That’s all thanks to our talented artisans who tinted the glass. You too could have a similar-looking sink or even an identical design if you wish!

gold and black glass sink


If you’re still struggling to come up with a suitable color for your glass vessel sink, don’t feel like you’re limited to only one or two colors. You could have the whole rainbow!

A multicolored sink design like this one includes reds, yellows, blues, and oranges. Since all the colors are very dark, they don’t give off the dreaded Day-Glo effect that would make your sink look tasteless.

If anything, a custom vessel sink design like this is artsy and sophisticated. It adds a touch of fun and whimsy to the bathroom, but nothing excessive.

No Color!

Who’s to say that your glass vessel sink requires any color at all? We certainly don’t!

Through unique shapes and great texturing, a translucent glass vessel sink can still be as well-designed as a colorful one.

Take, for example, this scalloped sink. Although it’s translucent, it’s got plenty of character!