Glass vessel options are endless

The beauty of vessel sinks is especially refined when that vessel is made of glass. At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we can customize your glass vessel sink in any and every way imaginable, creating truly endless options.

Whether you want a large vessel sink or a smaller one, a sink that’s single-colored or invokes the rainbow, our team can do it. Here is a list of some of our favorite glass vessel sinks to serve as inspiration!

Multicolored Glass Vessel Sink

If color puts a smile on your face, wait until you see this vessel sink! It’s got all the colors of the rainbow, including red, orange, blue, and yellow. The natural vertical striping of this sink is all done via our unique backpainting service.

Metallic Glass Vessel Sink

The artistry of our team at CBD Glass is such that we can make glass look like nearly any other material under the sun. For example, this vessel sink resembles metal but isn’t. You’d never have to worry about this copper-colored sink rusting or corroding, that’s for sure!

Shapely Glass Vessel Sink

What if you’d prefer a shaped glass vessel sink? That’s something else we can take care of for you here at CBD. Take a look at this sink, which is in the bathroom of one of our customers. The frilling of the glass edges really make this sink look extraordinary, wouldn’t you say?

Shallow Glass Vessel Sink

Not every glass vessel sink necessarily has to be deep and bowl-like. This one is shallower yet still impactful in every way. Our CBD team hand-etched the glass border so the sink is very posh!

Marbled Glass Vessel Sink

We can’t get enough of this marbled glass effect, which will make it look like your vessel sink is made of a fragile yet expensive material like granite. This sink uses our Aqua Clear base and is otherwise unadorned so the marbling has room to stand out.

Order Your Glass Vessel Sink Today Through CBD Glass

When we said our glass vessel options are endless, we meant it. The above examples show you what we can do, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. You can custom design your own glass vessel sink however you want it, selecting the shape of the glass, its size, thickness, color, and texture.

To begin, contact our team at CBD Glass. You can reach out to us via phone at 855-872-4223 or send us an email. We need some information about your project before we can get you a quote, such as the size of your current bathroom counter and how big you’d like your glass vessel sink to be. If you have drawings or even blueprints, please send these over as well.

Our team will then crunch some numbers and get you a quote for the work. Why wait any longer? Your bathroom can be beautified with a glass vessel sink, so get in touch with us at CBD!