Glass Vanity Bathroom Countertops

You’ve long since wanted to upgrade your bathroom, and a vanity bathroom counter would transform your bathroom for the better. At CBD Glass, our glass vanity bathroom countertops could be just what you’re looking for.

Here are a few of our favorite such counters for your perusal. Allow these counters to inspire you, but keep in mind that when you choose the experts at CBD Glass, you can customize your glass vanity bathroom countertops in any way you wish!

Textured Glass Vanity Bathroom Counter with Two Sinks

Why stop at one sink when you can have two? This beautiful glass bathroom counter features our unique texturing, which is a service we offer here at CBD. The sink is 1 ½ inches thick and features LED illumination to make the appealing texturing stand out that much more.

Against the dark wood cabinetry, our Aqua Clear glass base looks classy and colorful but not too in-your-face. This is a flawless bathroom for two!

Glass Vanity Counter with a Vessel Sink

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, our CBD team can still make it look extraordinary with our glass vanity bathroom countertops.

This counter features a wavy glass texture that resembles moving waves or even the layers of a tree. The 1 ½-inch thick glass in our Aqua Clear base is the perfect place to put a vessel sink such as this happy CBD customer did.

The countertop also has clear LED illumination so that even in the middle of the night, there’s a safe path to the bathroom!

Glass Waterfall Vanity Countertop

This is one of our favorite examples, as it shows our ability to flex our creative muscles here at CBD. This very pleased customer didn’t want just any glass vanity bathroom countertop, but one that had a rippling waterfall effect.

We delivered, and the result is a stunning piece of glass architecture. The counter extends off to one side past the large sink to provide more counter space. In this case, the customer used the counter space for decoration, but you could stash your everyday bathroom supplies on it.

The custom coloration of the countertop augments its unique shape. Although this customer didn’t request our LED lighting, we think that the waterfall-shaped counter would look even better when illuminated!

Contemporary Glass Vanity Bathroom Countertop

Our last example is this, a rather contemporary take on our glass vanity bathroom counter designs. The long, angular wooden counter features an uncomplicated but thick layer of glass in our Aqua Clear base.

The Melting Ice texture adds to the mystique of the glass while the LED lighting improves the appearance of the counter as well as the glass vessel sink atop it.

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