Glass Skylights vs. Plastic Skylights

Skylights have been used since ancient Roman times for their ability to bring the warmth and brightness of natural light into any room. Today, skylights are also popular because they save energy and reduce environmental impacts by significantly minimizing the use of artificial light. As technology evolves, companies are constantly trying to make improvements to the design and quality of skylights. As a result, skylights are becoming even more efficient and eco friendly. Skylights are usually sold in a number of different styles, sizes, and shapes. However choosing the right material can often times be the most difficult decision when choosing the right skylight. Typically, glass is used for higher end skylights and plastic is a cheaper alternative. However, it may be difficult to figure out which one may be right for you. Here are the key differences between glass and plastic skylights.

Glass Skylight2

Glass skylights

Glass skylights offer many benefits to commercial and residential spaces. One benefit is the way they look. Glass looks great in any space. Another great benefit to glass skylights is their durability. Durability should be one of the main factors in determining which skylight to choose between. Not only will glass not discolor and oxidize like plastic skylights, but they will keep their look over time. Additionally, glass skylights can be impact resistant to avoid damage to the glass. Impact resistant glass also protects against debris from a storm and protects your home more effectively against burglaries and thefts. Impact resistant glass will keep the glass from shattering into large pieces and will prevent an injury.

Glass Skylight

Glass skylights can also enhance soundproofing. This can be very useful for homes or buildings near high traffic areas that produce a lot of noise. For really noisy areas, fiberglass skylights may be your best option.

Plastic Skylights

Plastic skylights offer a lighter and more affordable way to install skylights. Plastic skylights are also typically less susceptible to shattering and therefore may be considered safer than glass skylights. However, there durability is questionable. As time passes, plastic skylights may become brittle and scratch with relative ease. Unlike glass skylights, plastic changes color through oxidation and stains over time. Plastic naturally deteriorates over time and therefore loses its strength. So although you may have saved money initially, you may end up spending more by having to replace your plastic skylight.

Installing skylights in your space can impact your mind and body in many positive ways. And although plastic skylights may provide a cheaper way to bring natural light into your space, it has durability issues. In contrast, glass skylights are not only beautiful but they are extremely durable. If you want a beautiful transformation of natural light in your space that you can be confident will last, then glass skylights may be your best option.

Glass Skylight (colored)

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