Glass Railings add Instant Elegance

Of the many pieces of glass work that we create, both artistic and functional, one of our most unique categories of work is our glass railings.  Glass railings are common in many high-end homes and work spaces but many people don’t consider how creative they can really be.  So many are used to the simple glass railings (which we also create) but we specialize in some unique & beautiful railings that are sure to impress.  Let’s go through some of the creative glass railings we’ve created:

#1 – Textured & Colored Glass Railing railing1_1 railing1_2This railing showcases our unique color treatment that can be applied to almost any surface, along with textured glass.  The result is a magnificent and unique glass railing.

#2 – Outside Glass Pool Railing

railing2_1 railing2_3 railing2_2The above railing was created to cover an outdoor pool for one of our exclusive clients

#3 – Layered, Colored, & Etched Glass Railing

railing3This very unique railing is a mix of steel and colored/etched glass that was created to match the feel and ambiance in this home

#4 – Etched Glass Railings with Brushed Metal

railing4_1 railing4_3 railing4_2The above railings feature some custom designs etched directly into the glass

#5 – Decorative Glass Railing

railing5_1 railing5_4 railing5_3 railing5_2These railings are another unique creation, featuring clear glass and a unique artistic design by CBD Glass

If you’d like more info on our custom glass railings or simply would like to speak to any of our glass experts feel free to contact us today!