Glass Knobs Are out, But Glass Doors Are Still In

At the beginning of March, popular home goods retailer Pier 1 Imports announced that they were recalling all their glass doorknobs. These knobs, which were in production and retailed between August 2010 and February 2016, were prone to breaking. If they shattered, the person using the doorknob could be severely cut.

In all, the recall includes 363,000 doorknobs. If you happen to be using a recalled Pier 1 Imports doorknob, you’re strongly encouraged to take it back before you hurt yourself. You can either get store credit or a refund.

Recalls happen all the time, even from the biggest and most trustworthy brands. Does this mean that glass items should get a bad rap? Not at all. It just means that these ornately designed Pier 1 doorknobs could have been made to be more functional than beautiful.

Glass is a more reliable material for home goods than ever before. Whether it’s windows, doors, or accent pieces, glass is easy to clean and it’s classy, too. Glass is also customizable when you shop with us at CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We’re a leading designer and manufacturer of stunning customized glass accent pieces.

Maybe, instead of getting a new doorknob, you go whole hog and upgrade your door instead. Have you ever considered a glass door for your home? If so, you’re making a great choice.

Spring is here and summer is on the way. You’re going to be spending more time outdoors soon, but for those busy days when you can’t spare a moment, why not bring the sunlight to you? With a glass door, you can. These are transparent or semi-transparent so they let the natural light in. Instead of installing huge floor-to-ceiling windows to brighten up a room, a glass door does a fantastic job.

These doors also boast a contemporary look. They’re frameless, so they have an almost futuristic appearance. You can get metal doorknobs or even wooden and metal door handles if you prefer.

When it comes to designing your door, the sky is the limit. At CBD Glass, we let you, the customer, choose the size, measurements, glass thickness, color, and texture of your door.

Since you pick the glass thickness, you can feel confident that your door will remain intact. Of course, you still have to be careful and treat the door gently; slamming it could potentially lead to breakage. With proper use though, you can enjoy a beautiful frameless glass door for years.

What color suits your fancy? It’s completely up to you at CBD Glass. Whether you want a single color, multiple colors, or no colors at all, we’ll design your door your way. If privacy is an issue, we can frost or otherwise texture the door to obstruct outside views.

Are you ready to get started shopping for the glass door of your dreams? Just measure the space where you want your door to go and send those measurements to CBD Glass. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a quote. Shop today!