Glass Kitchen Table Top Inspiration

Our glass table tops are one of our most versatile glass accent pieces here at CBD Glass. You can outfit an office desk, console table, end table, coffee table, dining room table, or kitchen table with our durable, appealing glass tabletops. If you need some idea on how to make the most of your glass kitchen tabletop design, you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of examples ahead!

Small, LED-Lit Glass Kitchen Tabletop

No space? No problem! Our CBD team can transform even a small tabletop into a wonderful part of your kitchen with our glass surfaces. This CBD customer chose our Ultra Clear glass base and our Avalanche glass texture. They also opted for a custom glass substrate to bring the sides of the glass tabletop to exhilarating life. With RGB LED lighting, the illuminated surface naturally guides your eye to this part of the kitchen.

Full Glass Kitchen Table

Why stop at just the glass tabletop when you can have the sides of your table covered in glass as well? This example shows how magnificent the final result can look. This custom-ordered glass kitchen table features our Ultra Clear glass base, our Stream texture, and LED lighting to give the glass kitchen table a cool blue glow.

Glass Kitchen Tabletop That Extends Past the Table’s Edge

Perhaps you’re looking to increase the size of your kitchen tabletop, but you don’t really have a huge budget right now. A larger glass tabletop insert such as the one in this example could be just what you’re looking for. Not only do you have an illusion of more space, but you truly do get more surface area to work with. Now there’s more in your kitchen to love!

Long Glass Kitchen Tabletop

Just to show you that no matter the size of your current kitchen tables, our CBD team can work with you, we included this example of a lengthy kitchen table. This happy CBD customer requested our White Onyx glass for their glass surface. The glass tabletop doesn’t feel too heavy with a thickness of 1 ½ inches.

How to Get Started Customizing Your Glass Kitchen Tabletop Today

Now that you’ve seen some great examples, we’re sure you’re more eager than ever to begin planning your custom glass kitchen tabletop project. Our CBD Glass team is ready to hear from you. You can request a quote right through our website. We need to know what kind of glass you want for your kitchen tabletop as well as the thickness and size. If you have drawings or blueprints, you can send these as well.

Our CBD pros will soon be in touch with you to provide a quote. If you approve of the quote, then we’ll further discuss your project. Our team offers backpainting, where we paint the bottom layer of the glass to bring out its depth of color. You can also select custom LED colors, glass texturing, glass edgework, and custom tabletop shapes.