Glass Kitchen Counter and Island Combos

You’ve decided that your kitchen desperately needs a new countertop, so you’re in the process of planning its replacement. Yet if you’re going to overhaul your counter, we always recommend getting a matching kitchen island as well.

If you don’t, then your countertops will be shiny and new, but your kitchen island will be there in the middle of the room standing out like a sore thumb.

At CBD Glass, our glass kitchen counter and kitchen island combos could be just what you’re looking for. We specialize in customizable glass accent pieces so your kitchen finally has your unique stamp on it.

You can select the thickness of the glass counter/kitchen island as well as its texture, whether the glass accent piece has LED lights, whether it’s translucent or has color, and its shape and size.

Glass makes a fantastic choice for kitchens. It doesn’t go out of style, which you certainly can’t say about your Formica countertop. The timelessness of glass means your kitchen will look modern 10 or 20 years from now as much as it does today.

You won’t have to worry about glass staining, as it won’t. It also has fewer crevices and grooves for germs to hide like with metal counters. Cleaning it is simple. You can skip the metal or wood cleaners and use some dish soap and a soft cloth to tidy up your glass counter and kitchen island.

If you’re interested in proceeding, here are a few glass kitchen counter + kitchen island combos from our happy CBD customers.

This first example showcases the beauty of our Aqua Clear glass, which has a subtle teal sheen. Our client ordered their glass countertop and kitchen island so they’re an inch thick apiece. They also selected our Melting Ice texture, which is a favorite among our customers here at CBD.

Finally, our client outfitted their glass backsplash and kitchen island with white LED lighting. The result is a simple yet efficient kitchen that captures intrigue but doesn’t take away from the rest of the room. The white cabinetry is especially a good match for the glass kitchen island and counter.

Here’s a second glass countertop and kitchen island combo from a pleased CBD Glass customer. They chose our Ultra Clear glass, which is the second of our two base colors (the other being Aqua Clear). Their glass is thicker, 1 ½ inches versus an inch, and it shows.

Although this customer only decided to get LED lighting installed for the glass kitchen island, the way the counter and the kitchen island match really tie this room together.

If these examples have inspired you to order your own glass kitchen island and countertop combo, call us at CBD Glass today! We’re happy to talk to you about customizing your kitchen with our glass accent items.

We can even provide you a quote for the work once we know a little more about your project. We look forward to hearing from you soon!