Glass Kitchen Accents from CBD Glass Let the Light In

The kitchen is a place of inspiration. It’s where you try that new recipe you saw online or on your favorite cooking show. It’s where you make culinary masterpieces for your family. It’s where you enjoy a morning cup of coffee and fuel up for your day. It’s where your family eats dinner and shares stories about what made their day what it was. That’s why a drab, outdated kitchen just won’t do.

You can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars ripping off wallpaper, getting wall tiles installed, choosing new appliances, and redoing the kitchen cabinets and shelves. If you want to make a big change with little effort, just choose glass kitchen accent pieces from CBD Glass. This company produces beautiful glass items for just about every room in the house, from the bathroom to the bedroom and beyond. You can even find commercial products from CBD.

Glass bartop Justin Smith6

Just imagine how beautiful your kitchen would look with a translucent glass countertop. Although this material may seem easily breakable compared to marble or stone, it isn’t. These countertops, just like all products from CBD Glass, are thick, durable, and made to last. Besides their stunning beauty, the countertops are also easy to clean. You won’t have to scrub away at crevices when you can just wipe up crumbs, liquids, and unwanted stains with a wet paper towel or cleaning cloth.

Do you have a kitchen island? Don’t let it be an eyesore. At CBD Glass, you can get a glass finish for your kitchen island. This can match your countertops or, if you’re feeling a bit daring, go in a different direction. No matter which glass accents you choose, CBD lets you customize them from start to finish. You can select the color of the glass, the texture, the edge texture, whether the glass is backpainted for an even bigger splash of color, and if LED lights will be installed to give the space a warm glow (as applicable).

Glass island- Jason Winiarsky4

Let the light into your kitchen, making it the sunny space you’ve always dreamed it could be. You won’t rely so much on dingy lighting with these glass products, which naturally invite sunlight in. Your kitchen will be instantly cheerier. If you do want to upgrade your kitchen lighting, CBD Glass also offers glass scounces. These are great for kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, entertainment rooms, recreational basements, and more.

Scounce (goldstream)Wavy

Just like with the glass countertops and kitchen islands, when ordering a glass sconce from CBD, feel free to customize it every step of the way. Start by choosing the size and shape, which is limited only by your imagination. You can get a single sconce affixed to a wall or order twin scounces and put these together for a stately look. It’s all up to you. Ordering from CBD Glass is easy. You just have to measure your room (or the size of your kitchen island), choose the glass size you’d like, and send in those specs. You’ll then receive a quote and the work can start. A better, brighter kitchen is in reach.