Glass Island Countertop Options

When you choose to order a glass kitchen island through CBD Glass, you’re elevating your home to the next level. We offer an assortment of glass customization options that can transform your kitchen or bar area.

This post will serve as an overview of which glass island countertop options we have available.

Glass Color

We offer two base colors for your glass island countertop to start with, Ultra Clear Glass or Aqua Clear Glass.

Ultra Clear Glass, as you might have guessed from the name, is translucent through and through. This glass has no color either.

Aqua Clear Glass is just as transparent but has a slight tinge of aqua blue. This teal color is very appealing, especially if your kitchen or bar area already uses shades of blues and greens.

raised glass countertop

Glass Thickness

You can select from several glass thicknesses according to the parameters of your project. While the choice is ultimately yours, for a glass countertop, we recommend a glass thickness of at least 1 ½ inches.

Glass Shape

What will your glass island countertop be shaped like? This is another area where it’s completely up to you to decide.

The classic square-shaped or rectangular counter is still our most popular request here at CBD Glass, but we can accommodate any other requests.

Perhaps your kitchen island is more L-shaped since it has a sink and a food prep space. Maybe you want a round-shaped counter or a counter with several flat edges and one wavy edge.

Whatever your request, our team has designed a glass island counter in that same vein and can create your exact style for you.

Kitchen glass island

Glass Texture + Edge Finishing

Your glass island countertop will look incredible with textures and edgework.

Glass textures are etched into the top of the glass counter to produce a one-of-a-kind effect. We offer such options as Melting Ice, Sandstorm, Unda, Galaxy, Flow, Stream, Pixels, Desert, Avalanche, and Linear.

Some of our textures are available in Semi-Frost for a dash of opaqueness.

Our edge finishes bring out the corners of your glass kitchen island. You can select from clear, satin, or textured edges.


Add some color to your glass island countertop with our backpainting services. You can pick among rusty and metallic hues, opaque colors, translucent colors, or even a combination of shades depending on your preferences.

glass bar top

LEDs and RGBs

What makes an already beautiful glass kitchen countertop look even better? Lighting, of course!

Our cool white LED light will cast an elegant glow on your glass island countertop at night. RGB multicolored lights in blue, green, or red are quite appealing as well.

Both lighting options look especially exceptional if you decide to get your glass island countertop textured and edge-finished.

You’ll appreciate how much safer your kitchen or bar room is after the sun goes down, and the appealing glow in the room is a nice touch too!

Ready to Plan Your Glass Island Countertop?

Now that you’re aware of all our glass island countertop options, it’s time to begin planning your project. Contact the pros at CBD Glass today by phone at 855-872-4223.