Glass Fountains Will Make Your Commercial Reception Area Pop

You know the saying that first impressions are everything, right? That is doubly true when it comes to professional environments. Whether it’s a job candidate walking in for an interview or a potential future client, you want everyone to be wowed when they see your reception area. This is the first glimpse of your company’s offices, after all, so it has to look good.

What are some characteristics of jaw-dropping reception areas? If you asked some of our past clients here at CBD Glass, their answer would be the inclusion of a glass waterfall. Many an office building in the Toronto area as well as the United States has requested this unique glass addition from our CBD staff.

If you’d like to join the ranks, here’s what you should know about our glass waterfalls.

You Can Get the Whole Shebang…

If you want a stunning, picturesque, art-like conversation piece for your reception area, then our full glass waterfall is definitely it. Everything in the fountain will be made of glass, including the base. For a past client, we had several large, curved glass pieces expand out of the center of the fountain, much like a flower in bloom. The water streams in the fountain were kept to a relative minimum to let the glass portions really stand out.

Or Waterfall Panels

If you don’t have the space or the budget for such a lavish fountain in your reception area, that’s okay. Our waterfall panels are just as impactful. These are glass panels that are installed several inches out behind a bordered wall. The water falls between those borders. There’s no risk of water splashing anyone with the glass panels in front.

Waterfall panels would look incredible behind a reception desk, but you can get one (or more!) of these anywhere.

You Can Add Your Company Logo

Did we mention the best part about our waterfall panels? You can get your company name or logo on the glass. This way, when a job candidate or potential client walks in, they know they’ve found the right place. Here at CBD, we etch your name or logo rather than just print it on the glass. You can be sure that even with years of wear and tear, the logo will look just as clear on the day the waterfall panels were installed.

We Can Install Some Waterfalls Outside, Too

If the exterior of your building can use some sprucing up as well, just ask us. We’ve installed outdoor waterfalls for many happy clients in Canada and the US. If you have a preexisting wall or border around your building, we can add a layer of glass and then situate a waterfall there. The water falls behind the glass, much like with interior waterfall panels. What a chic, modern way to stand out!

No matter which of our office waterfall options you like best, we’re ready to hear from you. Contact CBD Glass today by calling 1-855-872-4223 or by filling out an online form on our website.