Glass Fireplaces Will Make Your Holiday Jolly

What would Christmas morning be without a roaring fireplace in which you hang all the stockings? The warmth of the fire is almost as strong as the warmth in everyone’s hearts as they gather around the Christmas tree and share gifts, smiles, and love.

Perhaps you don’t have a fireplace and you’re thinking of changing that. It is, after all, the holiday season, and how else is Santa supposed to get in and drop off his goodies?

While sure, you could go for the traditional brick fireplace, here at CBD Glass, we implore you to approach fireplaces from a different angle: glass.

You may have some questions about glass fireplaces, so let’s address them.

Won’t the Glass Melt?

We know what you’re thinking: can glass even stand up to high temperatures? Won’t it melt?

You must remember that for glass to be made, it’s often heated up to 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s right, 3,200 degrees! That’s far higher than the temperatures any fireplace can ever achieve, so you don’t have to worry about the glass melting.

Is a Glass Fireplace Safe and Durable?

Safety is of the utmost concern when operating a fireplace, especially if you have children in the house. Here at CBD, we get that. That’s why our glass fireplaces, as well as many of the glass items we design and manufacture, can be made with different glass thicknesses. This glass is less susceptible to cracking and thus safer.

Thicker glass is also more durable. If you care for your fireplace, cleaning it every so often and following proper use instructions, you should have it for years to come. Each winter, whenever you want to gather the family together around a roaring fireplace, you’ll have that option.

What About Looks? How Stylish Are These Fireplaces?

When it comes to looks, glass fireplaces may be the chicest option available. Let’s face it, metal fireplaces are kind of ugly, and brick fireplaces can sometimes be clumsily placed in the middle of a living room or sitting room.

Glass fireplaces blend in with a variety of décor, so no matter what your living room already looks like, there’s room for you to add a fireplace. We can create a mantel for your fireplace or even install it in the wall below your flat-screen TV!

In short, there’s no limitations here. If you can dream it, we can create it at CBD Glass. Our customized glass creations include everything from backsplashes to frameless shower doors, glass wall panels, entertainment centers, countertops, railings, glass doors, and so much more.

We’ll work with you from start to finish to craft your dream fireplace just in time for the holidays. You simply send us your measurements and information (and a drawing if you have one), and we’ll get you a quote. From there, we’ll customize your fireplace your way, ensuring you have an amazing conversation piece and a great means of getting the family together.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.