Glass Customization Tips

So many choices, so little time! You’ve just discovered CBD Glass, a glass design and manufacturing company based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You’re browsing around and realize you can customize nearly every glass accent piece the company sells, including glass furniture, railings, shower enclosures and doors, frameless doors, decorative glass pieces, backsplashes, countertops, and more.

However, how do you even begin to narrow down your options? At CBD, we’re happy to lend a hand. We’ve designed amazing glass accent pieces for residential customers and commercial customers alike, including major restaurants, hotels, and museums. We’re glad to talk with you to help you realize your vision and make it something tangible.


Need some tips on customizing? Here’s what to do.

Don’t limit yourself by shape. We offer a few thickness options for glass at CBD, including a half-inch, three-quarter inch, one-inch, one-and-a-half inch, and two inches. However, our decorative glass pieces, including countertops, bar tops, or tabletops, can be made in nearly any shape you want. Do you wish to get away from traditional rectangular countertops? We can do that. Try a long oval surface or one that’s even L-shaped. If you’re a homeowner, this will impress the family. If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ll get people’s interest piqued.

Glass bartop XOC bar1

Speaking of shape, you’re not stuck with regular pointed edges for a countertop or bar top at CBD. Our edge finishes can shape the corners to your liking. Get these smoothed and rounded or ask for the edge glass to be colored for a really interesting final result. We can also texture the corners, making these as smooth as silk or with layers for more visual appeal.

Contemplate whether you want to go a step above and beyond with LED lighting. When it comes to our countertops and other surfaces, CBD is one of the only companies to offer LED lights beneath the glass surface to add a subtle but awesome glow. These lights can be a single color (like white, blue, green, or red), or can cycle through a variety of colors. While LED lights don’t go with every glass accent piece, if you can get these, you should strongly consider it.

Don’t forget hardware. Glass shower doors, sinks, countertops, backsplashes, and more have to be held up some way. We use brackets and caps to securely install our glass accent pieces at CBD. While we try to minimize how visible these are, if these brackets and caps have to be seen, they might as well be as appealing as the rest of the glass accent piece. Our hardware is typically made of stunning silver or copper to add a touch of class.

Bathroom glass countertop (Fima and Sofa)1

Lastly, think about whether you want a surface treatment for your glass piece. Only available for surfaces like countertops or backsplashes, CBD offers surface treatments in addition to glass texturing and backpainting. When combined, this can make glass look otherworldly, full of shape and color. If used on its own, surface treatments provide a subtle texture you can’t find anywhere else.