Glass Countertops Showcase

Here at CBD Glass, we create the best glass countertops in the world.  Featured in major online/print publications around the world and renowned by interior designers and architects alike.  Below we’d like to showcase some of our recent glass countertop work divided into some of the major categories:


Glass Kitchen Countertops

Showcase #1


This full glass countertop kitchen set was built and designed by CBD Glass, it features a glass kitchen island and glass kitchen countertops.  They are shown in our White Onyx 1 ½” glass with underlit LED lighting

Showcase #2


The above glass countertop created by CBD features our aqua clear glass with our melting ice texture and a matching glass backsplash.

Showcase #3


The entire above kitchen was designed by CBD Glass, it has a custom glass countertop, island, and side countertop with glass sink.  Click the link above for the full gallery.


Glass Bathroom Countertops

Showcase #1


The above featured bathroom features one of our custom glass countertops designed with our melting ice texture and underlit LED lighting.

Showcase #2


The above countertop was designed with our melting ice texture, aqua clear glass, LED lighting and also features some custom glass sinks designed by CBD Glass as well.


Glass Bar Tops

Showcase #1


The above glass bar top was designed by CBD for a high-end bar looking to give a transformative experience of class and elegance. 

Showcase #2


The above glass bar top is a full wrap-around style that was designed specifically for one of our exclusive clients who wanted to transform their commercial bar area.  It also features custom glass bricks to display bottles of alcohol in the center.  Follow the link above for more details.

For more info on any of our glass countertops or any of our custom glass products please contact us today.