Glass Countertops & Glass Backsplashes Were Made for Each Other

Glass Countertops by CBD Glass are legendary for their exquisite look, feel, and functionality.   What many people don’t consider however is how amazing glass countertops look and perform alongside a custom glass backsplash.  We have delivered custom glass countertops coupled with custom glass backsplashes to numerous clients and the results have always been spectacular.  There are several reasons why this pairing works so well, the biggest is that combining the two provides a seamless look to a kitchen space while keeping a clean continuity.  Another big reason why they work so well together is the optional LED lighting which when combined can illuminate a larger amount of the kitchen space with class in darker lighting situations.

Let’s go over a few examples of glass countertops paired with backsplashes provided by CBD Glass.

#1 – This beautiful glass countertop and backsplash pairing features our “melting ice” texture and our signature aqua clear glass.  The back lit LED lighting gives a beautiful finish to the look and feel of the kitchen.




The LED lighting gives an elegant feel to the countertop and backsplash area.

#2 – The next kitchen featured below was fully designed and created by CBD.   The countertop features white onyx glass at 1 1/2” thickness and the backsplash is back painted thermoformed glass.




#3 – The below glass countertop and backsplash pairing feature our ultra-clear glass at 1 1/2” thickness.  The countertop has our satin top surface.  




Our Satin Top Surface

#4 – The below pairing also features our ultra-clear glass.  The countertop features our melting ice texture with 1 ½ “and backlit cool white LED lighting.




#5 – Unlike the above pairings the below glass countertop and backsplash have identical back painted glass.  



It’s no wonder that so many of our clients request a backsplash with their glass countertop, the pairings tend to work flawlessly and our team always makes sure that your order is perfect.  For more info on our glass countertops and backsplashes contact us today!