Glass Countertops for Your Man Cave

You just finished working on your man cave and you’re pretty proud of how it looks. It still needs a certain something though. Then it hits you. Your man cave would be complete with a glass countertop!

You want something that is durable and appealing, but in a manly sort of way. It sounds like you’re looking for a glass countertop from CBD Glass. We’re a Toronto, Ontario, Canada glass studio that specializes in customized glass accent pieces for the home or office. Our assortment of glass countertops will certainly impress.

If you want a kitchen-style countertop or even a glass kitchen island, we have those available. The same is true of raised bar countertops as well as a glass bar tops or tabletops to accent what’s already in your man cave.

Here are some of our favorite styles you might wish to replicate.

Simple Glass Bar Top with LED Lighting

This first glass countertop would look right at home in any man cave. Finally bring your dreams of having a home bar to fruition with our glass bar top. This one has a simple design from top to bottom, with our frosted glass texture in White Onyx and various thicknesses. This customer also chose pure white LED lighting that makes their whole home bar glow! This will certainly give your man bar that je ne sais quoi.

Curvy Colored Glass Countertop

Here’s a glass countertop sure to make a memorable impression in your man cave. This curvy glass counter utilizes our Aqua Clear base. The glass thickness is 1 ½ inches. This customer chose our Melting Ice texture and edges with fire polishing for a cool effect. Once again, this glass countertop is LED-illuminated. Noticing a theme here?

Sleek Glass Kitchen Island

If you use your man cave for cooking, a kitchen island with a glass countertop is a must. This style complements your man cave with the base White Onyx glass and LED lighting combination. The floor-to-countertop glass will have all your buddies impressed with your man cave.

All-Glass Tabletop

Sometimes, all you need is glass, as this cool glass tabletop from a pleased CBD customer illustrates. This pure glass pedestal table in our Ultra Clear translucent glass features our Stream texture, a favorite among our customers. Instead of selecting one LED light color, this customer wanted several, including alternating blue, red, and green lights.

Even if your man cave is smaller, you can still make a huge statement with a glass tabletop like this!

Tabletop Raised Glass Bar

This standard bar top transforms into something extraordinary with the addition of a raised glass bar. The Aqua Clear glass fixture boasts our Sandstorm texture with semi-frosted glass and polished, smooth edges. This is just the place to fix some drinks for your buddies when they come over to watch the big game!

Ready to Improve Your Man Cave with a Glass Countertop? Get in Touch with Us at CBD Glass Today

Your man cave can have any of these awesome glass countertops or one that you completely custom-design. All you have to do is reach us by phone or through our website at CBD Glass. You can then get started designing the countertop your man cave needs.