Glass Countertops and Farmhouse Vibes

Years ago, you bought or built the farmhouse of your dreams. You love living here, as everything is just about perfect. Everything, that is, except for your kitchen countertops. They’re a little, how do you say it, outdated. You want more of a rustic vibe in your kitchen just as the rest of the home has.

At CBD Glass, a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based glass manufacturer, we specialize in customized home accents, including kitchen and bathroom glass countertops. Here are a few of our top countertop designs from happy customers that could be the perfect fit for your farmhouse kitchen!

Classic Colored Glass Countertop

Our first suggestion is a rather classic kitchen countertop option. This CBD customer went for an Ultra Clear base, which is our translucent glass base. They also opted for a standard kitchen counter thickness of 1 ½ inches. This customer finalized their design with our Melting Ice texture and some white LED lighting.

At CBD, our variety of glass textures for countertops and other accent items is one of many reasons our customers prefer our glass accent items. The Melting Ice texture is a best-seller, but if you want to texture your rustic farmhouse glass countertop with a texture akin to sand, a peaceful galaxy, or a windy stream, those are other options.

White LED lighting never goes out of style, and the brightness of the lights really illuminates the texturing of this countertop. If your new kitchen has dark wooden cabinetry such as this, we think a counter in a similar style is a great pick!

Backpainted Metallic Glass Countertop

Here at CBD Glass, your only color options for your glass kitchen countertop aren’t translucent or Aqua Blue. Besides those glass base colors, we also offer a service called backpainting. As the name suggests, we paint the back or bottom layer of your glass to inject color but not take away from the beautiful texturing you chose.

This CBD customer decided to get their glass countertop backpainted a neutral yet beautiful copper. This color fits right into most farmhouse kitchens. Although this customer didn’t choose texturing or backlighting with LEDs, both would look exquisite, we’d say!

Simple but Elegant Textured Glass Countertop

Here’s another glass countertop to get those much-sought farmhouse vibes. Even with minimal counter space, this CBD customer did up their counters in a big way. They started with our Ultra Clear base with a glass thickness of 1 ½ inches. They too chose the Melting Ice texture (we told you it’s a best-seller!) and then selected overhead illumination.

With the simple metal kitchen fixtures such as the cabinet handles and the sink, the rusticity of this kitchen really comes together nicely.

Order Your Farmhouse Glass Kitchen Countertop Through CBD Glass Today

Now you can see how easy it is to achieve beautiful farmhouse vibes with a customized glass kitchen countertop from CBD Glass. To get started designing your countertop, give us a call or visit our website. Please have measurements, drawings, and even blueprints ready and we’ll get you a quote soon!