Glass Countertops- A Perfect Choice for Minimalist Kitchens

Do you have a cluttered kitchen? Many of us do. Your kitchen is so stuffed with ingredients, pots and pans, and other means of food prep that you dread going in there some days. You know that all the stuff overcomplicates cooking and makes you take longer.

Somedays, your mornings and evenings are a lot more hectic than necessary because your kitchen is such a mess.

After one too many days of this, you decided to make a move to a minimalist kitchen, and you’ve never looked back. You’ve since decluttered the space, and love how much room you have.

However, now that you can see and appreciate the entirety of your kitchen again, you’re beginning to replace parts and pieces so the kitchen reflects your new tastes.

That brings you to the countertops, which you know need a major overhaul. You’re just unsure which material would be the best choice.

raised glass bar top

Glass countertops complement a minimalist kitchen very well. Here’s why.

For one, glass is completely translucent. Of course, you can opt for any color under the sun when you work with us at CBD Glass, but a translucent look is a lot likelier to match your minimalist style.

Secondarily, if you opt for colorful glass, we allow you to choose the precise hue. You can even combine several colors at once if you so desire. There’s no wrong way to color a glass countertop, that’s what we always say!

Hues like black, gray, white, and dark blue will lend themselves well to your new kitchen. If you wish to explore more evocative color palettes, we can create a beige, forest green, or purple-gray color scheme.

A minimalist kitchen is all about how easy it is to clean and maintain, and that’s another great feature of glass. It’s so simple to clean up the glass that you’ll wonder why you ever selected another countertop material before.

You can use a soft, clean microfiber cloth to brush off surface crumbs. If the glass counter has smudges or sticky messes, there’s no need to reach for the heavy-duty cleaners.

You can save your family from exposure to chemicals, as these messes clean instantly with mild dish soap, water, and a microfiber cloth.

The toughest part of cleaning a glass countertop is remembering to wipe the counters in one direction to prevent streaks.

frosted glass bar top

If you decided to switch to a minimalist kitchen to reduce instances of germs, you’ll appreciate a glass kitchen counter. Glass is nonporous, so it doesn’t harbor bacteria and germs to the same degree as other counter materials.

If we’ve convinced you to consider a glass kitchen counter for your new minimalist space, you’ve come to the right place. CBD Glass is a Toronto-based manufacturer of custom glass accent pieces.

Countertops are one of our biggest sellers, and for good reason! We can build you a counter in any shape or size you wish, with various thicknesses, colors, and textures available. If you’re interested in LED lighting, we can install that to drive the minimalist appeal of your kitchen.

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