Glass Countertop Trends in 2022

Can you believe that 2022 is nearly coming to an end? It’s still not too late to plan that latest home remodel, such as a new glass countertop for your kitchen or bathroom.

Here is a review of some of the most popular trends in glass countertops this year.

Outdoor Countertops Are In

Glass bartop for outside

People are beginning to flock to the outdoors in droves, spending more time in their yards than ever before.

Whether it’s a yard full of garden greenery or a picturesque swimming pool, homeowners are outfitting their yards with all the amenities, including outdoor kitchens.

No outdoor kitchen is complete without an outdoor countertop.

Glass is an ultra-versatile material for indoor and outdoor countertops alike.

The material is thick and thus doesn’t break easily. After all, this isn’t mirror or window glass we’re talking about here!

Glass is nonporous so it won’t stain, which means it’s somewhat weather-resistant.

When your glass countertop begins looking a little dingy, you can easily clean it with a soft cloth, water, and mild dish soap.

Counters Should Have Drama

Glass Bar Top

Gone are the days when a countertop that was sturdy and solid alone sufficed. Nowadays, homeowners want a counter that’s going to add a touch of drama to their kitchens.

Once again, glass is the perfect way to achieve this goal.

Here at CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we can build you a custom glass countertop in nearly any shape, style, size, and color you’re looking for.

Do you have a rounded counter and you need a countertop to match? No problem! Do you want a glass countertop that travels down both sides of the cabinet? That certainly would be impactful and dramatic!

With services such as backpainting and LED lighting, you can add that much-needed dose of drama to your counters!

Counters Need More Character

glass bar top

The current trend in countertops is patterns or veins to add more character to what would otherwise be a very plain counter.

While glass countertops are not a good candidate for veins, you can get the glass patterned with our unique backpainting service.

Allow us to explain how backpainting works. Our talented artisans will paint one color or several–all of which are your choosing–underneath the counter so the color shows through.

We can even create a mosaic of colors, making your counter into a verifiable work of art.

Another way that we can add character to your counter here at CBD Glass is to texture the glass.

Our team offers an assortment of glass textures that, when combined with LED lighting, make your glass counter anything but ordinary!

Earthy Colors and Whites Become Popular

Glass bar white

2022 was also the year that colored countertops really made a splash.

The colors were really quite simple, mostly shades of white as well as earthy hues that didn’t grab and hold onto one’s attention for too long.

You already know that with our backpainting service, we can create these same colors for your new glass countertop!