Glass Countertop Surface Treatments for Your Home Remodel

Investing in a glass countertop is a smart choice no matter the season. Here at CBD Glass, we don’t just offer the same old tired, standard countertops you can find at any old store. Ours are primarily made of thick, durable glass. Also, not only are our glass items timeless, but they’re sure to add sophistication to any room they appear in.

We don’t just stop there, either. Our customers get to design their glass items from the ground up when they work with us at CBD. That means selecting the glass color, its thickness, and even its shape and size.

One service we provide that you’re sure not to find anywhere else is surface treatments. While our happy customers can choose a glass texture for their countertop or other item, surface treatments are different.

You can combine a surface treatment with a textured countertop or just get the surface treatment. The option is yours. Some of our surface treatments are completely transparent while others have pops of color for a countertop not unlike a work of art.

Our Surface Treatment Options

If you’re intrigued by CBD Glass’ countertop surface treatments, you’ll want to know which options we provide. There are nearly countless choices to go through, including:


White Onyx: Our best-selling surface treatment for a reason, White Onyx resembles a lake in winter that has frozen over. It’s thick, mostly opaque, and has splashes of white that sit over the translucent portions. If you add white LED lights to your countertop, you’ll fall completely in love with this look.


Stone Wash: Simple but still lovely, the Stone Wash surface treatment is only slightly textured. It’s almost entirely opaque but overall quite simple. That makes it perfect for a no-frills countertop design.


Clear Surface: Our Clear Surface design is available for our Ultra Clear and Aqua Clear glass bases. No matter which color base you go with, this surface treatment looks exemplary. It almost resembles melting ice. There’s plenty of textural beauty and small details that make this such a standout.C


Black Onyx: The opposite of the White Onyx surface treatment, Black Onyx is certainly worth considering. This has a different texture altogether. It’s more like a view of a faraway island on the ocean with the way there are chunks of texture against a slightly smooth background. The entire thing is various shades of black, creating a sleek look you’ll love.

If you’re interested in any of these surface treatments, we implore you to call us at CBD Glass today.