Glass Countertop Maintenance

CBD Glass Counter Tops are known for being very stylish & high quality glass that require little maintenance. Having one of our custom glass countertops in your kitchen or bathroom can be very aesthetically pleasing. Our glass countertops are extremely durable as they are all solid piece thermoformed glass and completely non-porous. Because all of our glass products are non-porous this makes our glass countertops an excellent choice in comparison to other counter tops such as stone, granite or even marble counter tops which will sometimes absorb stains permanently or consume a lot of time in order to keep in top shape.

Maintaining your glass countertops in good condition will help keep your kitchen and/or bathroom counter tops in the top shape they are delivered in. Here are a few tips from CBD Glass on maintaining your glass countertops.

#1 Wipe up after an Incident or for Dust


The best way to maintain your Glass Counter Top surface in top shape is to quickly wipe up any spills or mistakes right when they occur. Spilling wine or any other acidic foods won’t damage the counter tops but being on top of spills/messes helps keep the glass from getting sticky or visually unappealing. Also if the countertop is not used often there will be an inevitable build up of dust which can be easily wiped off to maintain a beautiful shine.

#2 Use Common Household Chemicals and Solvents


Our glass countertops are non-porous and made with great care and precision. Our products will not be damaged by any acids or solvents which are found naturally in your home. What may actually damage your Glass Countertops are abrasive materials you may use to wipe the glass, such as any abrasive sponge or material. No matter how big or small, any spill that happens on our counter tops should not damage glass “unless the liquid contains an abrasive material.”

#3 Recommended Cleaning Supplies (Sprays or Liquids)

Although almost any household cleaning products will work we recommend the following products for your Glass Countertops:

– 409 Glass & Surface Cleaner, Reliable glass cleaner that can cut grease and leave glass untarnished. According to 409 “Smart Tube” technology, you can use every drop of liquid in the bottle.

– White Vinegar, though the smell of vinegar is strong it is capable of cleaning glass very effectively if you are out of cleaning supplies. There are other household cleaning products which you can find online as an alternative to white vinegar, but most of them probably contain white vinegar.

– Windex Original, claimed as the #1 glass cleaner in America. It is never a bad choice to go with Windex Original. Its key ingredient being Ammonia-D, Windex can start breaking down dirt before you even wipe.

– We do not recommend experimenting with any really potent floor cleaners but we trust that our glass is tough enough to handle most if not all chemicals typically found at home.

#4 Recommended Cleaning Tools (Sponges)


Please note that you should not use the abrasive side (Green Metallic Material) but rather the sponge side of any sponge to clean glass. These are different materials we can recommend but in no way do you “have” to use one of these:

– Cellulose Sponge, a common sponge that is typically bright colored and great for many chores around the house can be found at most convenient stores.

– Paper Towels, any paper material can be used on our glass as long as you aren’t using an entire tree or branch!

– Please do not use anything that might scratch your glass and take good care so that your glass may always appear like new.

#5 Enjoy your glass countertops!

Raised glass countertop with LED light. Textured glass with semi-frost finish.

Our glass countertops are unaffected by common household stains and are a very low maintenance countertop option. With simple daily or routine maintenance you can keep your glass countertops in top quality and condition.