Glass Countertop Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

You’ve opted to get a glass countertop, but admittedly, it’s located in a less common location: your backyard. You figure this will augment your summer entertaining in a major way, as now you can easily prep and serve food on this glamorous, durable kitchen surface.

The only problem is you have no idea how to decorate your outdoor glass countertop. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, we’ll share some of our favorite glass countertop ideas for outdoor use.

As Part of an Outdoor Bar

Why have only a glass countertop outside in your yard? Since you’ve already made the backyard the place to be this spring and summer, you might as well continue with that trend by adding your countertop to an overarching setup, such as with an outdoor bar. This image gives you a pretty good idea of what we mean.

Not only is having an outdoor bar of your own a great way to save money as compared to going to a local bar, but now you have a fantastic excuse to invite your friends and family over more often.

With a Whole Outdoor Kitchen

If you have even bigger aspirations than a bar and a glass countertop, let your dreams fly high! An outdoor kitchen is the perfect accompaniment to your glass countertop. Now, instead of rushing inside to your kitchen fridge to get food and then bringing it back out to the yard, you have everything you need in one convenient place.

Like this photo illustrates, it’s best to have an overhead structure if you decide to invest in an outdoor kitchen. Not only can a roof with a ceiling fan keep humid air moving, but if it rains, your outdoor kitchen doesn’t get ruined.

As a Way to Illuminate the Night

Here at CBD Glass, we allow our customers to get their countertops and other glass accent items illuminated by LEDs. You can choose white lights or a variety of hues such as green, blue, and red.

Just take a look at this countertop. Once the sun sets, there’s no need to pack in the fun and move your activities indoors. With an LED-illuminated countertop from CBD, you can keep the outdoor party going late into the night. You’ll never have to guess where the countertop is since it will glow beautifully in the darkness.

Ready to Get Started with Your Outdoor Glass Countertop Project? Call on Us at CBD Glass

If this post has you inspired and excited to do something awesome with your backyard, such as get a glass countertop, then reach out to our staff at CBD Glass today. We’re a Canadian-based glass accent manufacturer that specializes in products for the home and office.

Our glass countertops are some of our bestsellers. You can shape, size, and design your countertop your way, making it colorful or translucent, adding edging and texturing, and getting LEDs installed. We’d be more than happy to talk about your project, so please call 1-855-872-4223.