Glass Counters for Retail Stores

You’ve decided to open a retail store. After carefully selecting a location, obtaining funding, and getting the right permits, you’re finally on to the fun part, which is designing your store! You have plenty of ideas for the theme you’re going for, which is an elegant, classy, yet simplified sort of style.

You’re currently selecting the store’s counter materials, but admittedly, you’re not gaga about any of your options. You want a countertop made of a material that cleans easily, won’t stain, and matches your design preferences.

It sounds like a glass counter for retail stores is perfect for you! At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we specialize in glass accent items for commercial businesses and homeowners. Among our best-selling glass accent pieces are our countertops.

glass countertop retail

Glass as a countertop material checks all your boxes. To clean a glass countertop, you can use a soft, clean cloth to brush off debris. To remove smudges and streaks, wet a soft cloth, squirt a dollop of dish soap, and clean the counter, moving the cloth in one direction to keep the finish streak-free.

Don’t worry about stains making your retail counter look prematurely aged, as glass doesn’t stain. It’s also tough to scratch glass, so the counter can stand up to your everyday usage whether the counter displays folded clothes or other goods.

The best part about working with our team at CBD Glass is how you can customize your glass retail countertops from the ground up. You can select how thick the glass is, choosing from options like ½ inch thick, ¾ inch thick, 1-inch thick, 1½ inches thick, or 2 inches thick.

No matter the color of the glass that you want for your retail store counters, our CBD team can make it happen. We provide a service known as backpainting where we paint the bottom layer of the glass so the rich color shows through the top. We can backpaint in brights, pastels, metallics, or even a combination of colors.

Our texture work will astound, as we can etch customized patterns into the glass that brings the hues to life. We give you dozens of texture options to choose from, including subtle textures to more overt ones. Our surface treatments, edge finishes, and substrates really complement the glass counter texture.

glass countertop retail location

If you want your glass retail countertop to truly come alive, you need LED lighting. You can select from white lights or those in blue, red, or green. When the LEDs shine on your textured glass, you’ll appreciate all the intricacies of the texture in a whole new way.

We’re sure the ideas are churning in your head. If you’d like to talk to our team about glass counters for retail stores, you can reach CBD Glass by phone at 855-872-4223 or fill out our online contact form.

Our team will provide you a quote, but first, we ask for your project specs as well as relevant drawings and blueprints if you have them. Why not call us today?