Glass Bricks Can Make Your Home Look Twice as Expensive

You were happy to get your home for a steal, but since living in it for several years, you wish there was more you could do to increase how expensive it looks. Most of the projects you’ve considered undertaking are very costly, so you’ve held off for now.

That may have been a good decision. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to make your home look twice as pricy as what you paid for it, then glass bricks through CBD Glass are the way to go.

CBD Glass in Canada specializes in custom glass items for residential and commercial properties. Our portfolio is vast, including custom glass kitchen and bathroom countertops, kitchen islands, glass shower enclosures, backsplashes, glass furniture, and our appealing glass bricks.

The customers who choose our glass bricks are looking for a stylish way to remodel specific areas or rooms of their homes. We can do all sorts of things with glass bricks, and it’s completely up to you how your project will look.

glass bricks

If you want some glass bricks inlaid onto a wall, just ask our team. The added benefit besides the upped curb appeal is that glass bricks allow more natural light in. Your room will look sunnier and feel more inviting.

Our team can build a console, table, or shelving from glass bricks. If you have other household decorations in mind, our team can likely make those using glass bricks as well.

The only limit to your project is your imagination, so feel free to dream big!

Here at CBD Glass, we’re all about allowing our customers to utilize the highest degree of customization possible. You can alter every last facet of the glass bricks.

For instance, don’t feel like your glass bricks have to be in the traditional rectangular shape. You can choose the size and the thickness of your glass bricks so they perfectly envision what you had in mind for your project.

glass bricks bathroom

Do you like color? Many homeowners do. If the rooms in your home are drab and lifeless, you can infuse some excitement back into the space with our colorful glass bricks. Whether you select from a single hue throughout or you take a more multicolored approach, that’s completely up to you.

Be sure to ask about our LED lighting, which looks especially exceptional with a glass brick wall or glass brick furniture. Even if you select clear glass bricks or a single-color scheme, our LED lighting is available in a variety of hues to enhance the existing color or add a much-needed bit of brightness.

Our team is happy to work with you. We can provide a quote once we see a drawing or blueprint of your project and have some specs. To get in touch with our design pros today, call us at 1-855-872-4223.