Glass Benches for Your Restaurant Will Show You Mean Business

Your restaurant is growing every day, and you’re anticipating a day when the line to get in will stretch out the door and spill out onto the street. While the demand isn’t quite there yet, you’re contemplating making additions to your restaurant in preparation for when your customer base increases.

Adding outdoor glass benches to your restaurant’s property is one such way to do it. Of course, like any decision with your restaurant, you’re going to want to make it carefully. After all, you must ensure your new glass benches fit in with your design aesthetic. You also don’t want to tip the budget scales into the red when your business is just now dipping into the green.

Here at CBD Glass in Canada, we’re a favorite for residents and commercial businesses alike that want to beautify their spaces. We serve customers in the United States as well, and they have been some of our most high-profile clients. CBD Glass has decorated Chile’s Bahai Temple, Toronto’s Trump Tower and CityTV Studios, Hollywood’s Hard Rock Hotel, and the City Centre, Red Rock Hotel, and Trump International in Las Vegas.

We can help your restaurant, too, with the installation of glass benches. Here are some reasons to consider these benches for your establishment.

Cater to a Growing Demand

As your restaurant becomes more and more popular, the lines to get in will become longer. While people are waiting, those that are lucky enough to be near the sturdy glass benches CBD Glass has installed can take a load off and sit for a few minutes. Your customers will certainly appreciate it. Combined with your stellar food and great customer service, you could have repeat and loyal customers who love your restaurant.

Beautify Your Property

The glass benches we manufacture here at CBD Glass are made of only of the highest quality. We use thick, durable glass that can handle the weight of the average human adult. With concrete or steel reinforcement bases, our benches are secure. We can even use our colored glass, such as our aqua blue glass, to add some subtle beauty to the bench. Ask about our LED lighting, too, so that even at night, your customers never miss these lovely benches.

Attract New Business

When you do something different to your restaurant and you have a good following, people are going to pay attention. Whether that’s changing items on the menu or adding something new like glass benches, you could attract fresh customers who hadn’t considered visiting your restaurant before.

What Are You Waiting for? Contact CBD Glass Today

Glass benches show that your restaurant means business. If you can afford such beautification, then surely your establishment is doing well, and customers will respond to that. Let us help you further your business. To talk about your glass bench project, contact us at CBD Glass.

You can call us at 1-855-872-4223, shoot us an email at info@cbdglass.com, or send us an online message on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!