Glass Bathroom LED Lighting

Do you ever wake up thirsty in the middle of the night? The better question is, who doesn’t? Maybe you have to take a midnight bathroom trip. Either way, you hate tiptoeing down the dark hallways of your home in the middle of the night, as you always bump into something in your bathroom. Maybe you’ve even stubbed your toe on the corner of the bathroom cabinet.

You’d love a lighting option that illuminates part of your bathroom but not necessarily the whole thing. This would be a lot easier on your sleepy eyes during your late-night bathroom breaks. At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our glass bathroom countertops with LED lighting are just the solution you’re looking for.

Depending on the LED light color you choose, you can create a soft but inviting glow or a bright, guiding light in your bathroom. Here are a few real glass bathroom countertops with LED lights as designed by our happy customers that can inspire you.

Long Glass Bathroom Countertop with White LED Lights

This customer of ours has a huge bathroom. Our gorgeous glass countertops not only improve the look of the bathroom but act as an organizational solution as well. The strip of whiteish-blue LED lights provides just enough illumination that you wouldn’t bump into this huge sink during your nocturnal roaming. Our pleased customer ordered their countertop with 1 ½-inch thick glass and our White Onyx texture.

Glass Vessel Sinks and Countertop with White LED Lights

This is a great example of what sharper white LEDs might look like in a bathroom. Our customer asked for our Ultra Clear translucent glass base with a thickness of 1 ½ inches and our Melting Ice texture. The LEDs naturally guide your eye towards the glass texture while keeping this bathroom bright.

Bright Blue Glass Bathroom Countertop with White LED Lights

White light doesn’t have to be boring! This CBD customer ordered a royal blue glass bathroom countertop as well as a matching vessel sink. The clear LED lights bring attention to the Melting Ice texture and tremendous glass color. Even though this sink isn’t large, it’s still very noteworthy.

Clear Glass Bathroom Sink with Multicolored LED Lights

Here at CBD Glass, white isn’t the only LED glass color you can select from. We also offer multicolored lights in hues like blue, green, or red. In this example, our customer asked for colored lights. This sink is actually our light blue Aqua Clear Base, but the purple LEDs make the sink look purple too. The wavy texture of this sink and backsplash makes it a unique addition for certain.

Those are just a few examples of many. Our team at CBD Glass is happy to work with you to custom-order a glass bathroom countertop and sink that suits your space. Whether you want colored glass with clear LED lights or clear glass with colored LED lights, we can make it happen. Call us today at 855-872-4223.