Glass Bathroom Decor by CBD Glass

CBD Glass creates a plethora of different glass pieces, if you can imagine it, we can make it!  Part of our long list of products, we offer an exclusive list of bathroom furnishings and décor that are sure to please even the most refined palate.  All of our work is fully customized for each of our clients to perfectly fit their taste.  Check out some of the below CBD Glass recently made products to make your bathroom beautiful:



We offer a full selection of custom mirror options to meet your needs.  Check out some of the recent mirrors we’ve created for our clients:

George Navas (mirror)2


Waterfall 30&Folded mirror


Decorative Glass Dividers

These can be used to create the illusion of more space in the bathroom as well as serving as a divider between areas of the bathroom.

Divider (Claudio)

Glass Sconces

Glass sconces can be a fantastic and beautiful lighting option for your bathroom as well.


Scounce (goldstream)Straight

Scounce (goldstream)Wavy


Glass Fixtures

These types of glass fixtures can be designed as shelves in your bathroom and added to almost any space.  They can also have LED under lighting for added elegance and lighting.

Textured glass shelf with LED light



Glass Bricks – Glass bricks can also be added to any bathroom space as well for an added design flare.





CBD Glass is ready to help if you’re interested in possibly adding any of these glass décor elements to your bathroom. Contact us today to get started creating your custom glass décor!