Glass Bathroom Countertop Accessories  

You recently invested in a glass bathroom countertop, and you’re absolutely in love with how it looks. Your entire bathroom has a fresh feeling to it when you only upgraded the counter.

Now you want to add some accessories to it, but you’re not really sure what would look good. You don’t want to clutter the counter, after all, so which accessories are best?

Here are some that we recommend!

Soap Dispenser

Sure, you could always use the plastic container that the soap comes in, but why do that? It’s a bit gaudy, especially on your new glass bathroom countertop.

Instead, you can buy a reusable soap dispenser, transfer the liquid soap in there, and enjoy a much more upscale accessory.

Soap dispensers are made to look like all sorts of materials, from sleek marble to upscale granite and smooth stone. You can select a soap dispenser color and style that matches your new glass countertop or go for something less matchy-matchy.

The key is to add accessories that gel with the overall vibe that you’re going for in your new bathroom!

Toothbrush Holder

Where are you currently keeping your toothbrushes? A toothbrush holder is a must-have accessory for your new glass bathroom countertop.

You don’t want your toothbrushes lingering on the counter. Not only are they exposed to germs throughout the day, but the toothbrushes can leave toothpaste stains on the counter that you’ll have to wipe away all the time.

A simple cup can act as a toothbrush holder, as can a divided caddy. If you can match your new toothbrush holder to the soap dispenser, then that will add even more cohesion to your bathroom.

glass bathroom countertop

Soap Dish

Not everyone prefers washing their hands with liquid soap. If that’s the case for you, then you can always buy a lotion dispenser instead of a soap dispenser, but what you need more so than that is a soap dish.

Again, some sort of dish is recommended over just leaving the soap straight on your new glass bathroom counter. The soap rings that the bar of soap can leave behind will detract from the beauty of your new countertop.

Soap dishes are often sold in a set with toothbrush holders and lotion/soap dispensers, so you should be able to match everything. You’ll love how chic your new glass counters look!

Tissue Box Holder

Is your new glass bathroom countertop bigger than your old counter? Then you might want to add accessories that you never used before, such as a tissue box holder.

The appeal of your new counter can also inspire such a decision!

A tissue box holder in a matching material and color to the other accessories you’ve already added will further tie the room together. The holder hides any tissue box designs that perhaps you’re not quite so enamored with.

The tissue box fits right into the holder so that when the box is eventually depleted, you can just throw it away and add a new one.