Glass Backsplash with LED Lighting Ideas  

Do you know what makes a new glass backsplash from CBD Glass even better? Illuminating the backsplash with crystal clear, colorful LED lighting.

Whether you opt for a simple clear glass backsplash or one with texturing, the backsplash takes on a whole different look when the LEDs come into the picture, especially when the rest of the room is dark!

Just take a look at these great glass backsplashes with LED lighting to see what we mean.

Clear Glass Backsplash with Pink LEDs

A backsplash doesn’t have to be overly decorative for it to be effective. That much is showcased in this simple glass backsplash that a very happy CBD customer asked for.

Theirs is a thick glass backsplash that uses our Ultra Clear glass base and features no texture. What really adds dimension and fun to this backsplash is the inclusion of LED light strips at the base of the backsplash.

The bright pink hue is neon-like but far less gaudy and sure to last a lot longer. The nice pop of color contrasts with the otherwise white kitchen furniture and really ties this room together.

Clear Glass Backsplash with Overhead LED Lights

Here’s another example of how simple is better when it comes to glass backsplashes.

This CBD Glass customer, just as the first one did, asked for a simple glass backsplash without any texturing or color. The backsplash was fitted over the entire kitchen wall.

Rather than illuminate the backsplash from the bottom up like the first example did, this one does the opposite.

The top-down lighting effect creates a cozy sense of warmth. This kitchen looks like the perfect place to sit down for a late-night chat with the sparse but inviting illumination and calming blue.

Gold Textured Backsplash with White LEDs

Of course, not every customer wants to keep it quite so simple, and we understand that! If you’re in the same boat, then check out this example here. We think it ought to inspire your own glass backsplash ideas.

The Ultra Clear glass base we used for this backsplash was backpainted gold. Backpainting is a one-of-a-kind service we offer here at CBD Glass. We can paint your glass metallic colors, rainbow hues, lights or brights, or even a combination of colors.

To further add to the backsplash, our customer asked for our Melting Ice texture.

Then, to complete the look, they requested clear LED lights.

The LEDs are honestly the subtlest part, but they bring out the natural amber sheen of the gold backpainting. The walls look like they’re made of precious metals and make for quite a posh, impressive-looking kitchen!

Textured Glass Backsplash with White LEDs

If you want to go heavy with the texture, that’s certainly an excellent option for your new glass kitchen backsplash.

The custom texture we devised for this CBD customer along with our Melting Ice texture is just two of the many types of textures we can add to your glass backsplash.

Textures and LED lighting go together like peanut butter and jelly, as one complements the other incredibly well.