Glass Backsplash Pros and Cons

To you, one of the finer things in life is preparing a meal from scratch. The time, love, and effort that goes into the endeavor is something you delight in every time. What you delight in much less is the amount of effort you need to put into cleanup.

It seems like no matter how many precautions you take, the kitchen always ends up a mess by the end of the day. There’s one more thing you haven’t tried, and you’re seriously thinking of doing so: getting a backsplash.

Are backsplashes a great idea or are there some downsides you should be on the lookout for as well? We compiled the pros and cons of glass backsplashes, so keep reading!

Pros of a Glass Backsplash

  • Beauty: A glass backsplash is not only a great way to protect those kitchen walls from future food damage, but to beautify the room at the same time. You’ll marvel at how good the kitchen looks!
  • Versatility: When you order your glass backsplash from CBD Glass, you have lots of options for how it will look. The shape, size, color, glass texture; all those are things you get to choose while placing your order through our company.
  • Easy cleaning: Glass cleans up so incredibly well, you almost won’t believe it. With a soft cloth, some water, and dish soap, all messes lift off the backsplash immediately, no leftover residue.
  • Efficiency: As if all the above wasn’t already good enough, you’ll love how clean your backsplash keeps your kitchen. No longer will you end a day tired yet having to slog through cleaning stains and messes on your walls. They’ll stay clean and tidy as your backsplash catches everything.

Cons of a Glass Backsplash

  • Could crack: The glass we use here at CBD Glass is incredibly durable, but it’s not entirely shatterproof. If you misuse the backsplash, such as cleaning it too hard or trying to shift it off the wall, you could end up cracking or damaging it.
  • Needs careful installation: Most glass is transparent, although you have the option of changing that through our team at CBD. However, transparent glass can make it hard to install, as the margin of error is very small. Don’t stress too much about this, as our CBD team specializes in installing glass accent items of all kinds. They’ll put your backsplash up right the first time.
  • Fixing damage may necessitate a replacement: Let’s say that you did accidentally crack your glass backsplash. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairing it may be tough. You’d then have to get a new backsplash altogether, so it’s always best to respect and care for your glass item.

As you can see, the pros of a glass backsplash far outweigh the cons. If that’s convinced you to proceed with this home addition, our team at CBD Glass would be happy to work with you. We’re based in Canada and have a vast portfolio of excellence with glass accent items. These include glass furniture, bartops and tabletops, countertops, frameless shower doors, enclosures, bathroom vanities, and so much more. Call us today!