Glass Backsplash LED Lighting Ideas

A few recent posts on this blog have inspired you to start seriously looking into a glass backsplash for your kitchen. Whether you want only parts of the wall covered or the entire thing, you’re beginning to do measurements and maybe even make a few drawings so you can soon ask for a quote from CBD Glass.

Before you finalize your design, one element you might want to consider for your glass kitchen or bathroom backsplash is LED lighting. This amazing CBD feature takes your backsplash to extraordinary new levels of beauty. If you got texture work done on the backsplash, every last bump, nook, cranny, and crevice will stand out in stunning detail.

We know you have to rethink some things now that LED lighting is on the table for your glass backsplash. Luckily, we have some handy photos you can use for inspiration as you begin dreaming of your perfect backsplash.

Bright Blue LEDs on a Translucent Glass Backsplash

Your translucent glass backsplash may look simple when the LED lights are off, but the minute you switch the lights on, everything transforms. These neon blue LEDs electrify, and since the glass wraps around the entire counter, you get a really cool effect across the whole kitchen.

Twigs Against a Glass Background with White Lights

This next backsplash feels like looking out a window to a beautiful nature scene. Faux twigs within the glass of the backsplash are certainly a stunning centerpiece by day. After the sun is down and the lights go on, the simple white LEDs within the glass attract the eye to that elegant backsplash.

Oceanic Textured Translucent Glass with Blue LEDs

You’ll feel like you’re under the sea each time you walk into your kitchen at night with a glass backsplash/LED combo like this. This client got three large glass tiles installed as their backsplash. Each has a rolling, rippling effect that makes it look like the surface of water.

That effect is really driven home when combined with the calming blue LED lights. This otherwise simple kitchen looks astounding thanks to this one design change!

White LEDs Against Colored Glass

This last example is from our company, CBD Glass. It’s a whole-wall kitchen backsplash that’s a continuous panel of glass that also seamlessly blends into the countertop. This happy CBD client got their glass tinted our Aqua Blue and then requested a texture not unlike asphalt.

With white LED lighting at the base of the backsplash, it not only brightens up that glass feature, but the light reflects onto the countertop as well. That makes this whole area of the kitchen bright and cheery.

Ready to Reinvigorate Your Kitchen? CBD Glass Is Waiting to Hear from You

Your kitchen can look like any of the four fantastic examples we showed you today with a new glass backsplash with LEDs. Our CBD Glass team is standing by to talk about your project. You can get in touch by phone at 1-855-872-4223.