Glass Backsplash Ideas for 2022

The year is almost over, but you still have one more remodeling project on your to-do list before you can be satisfied.

You want to add a backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom, maybe even both. (You’re still figuring that part out.)

You know that you want the backsplash to be made of glass, as it’s durable and easy to clean, but outside of that, you haven’t gotten very far with your design.

Well, we want to help you change that. Without further ado, here are some exceptional glass backsplash ideas to inspire you.

LED-Illuminated Glass Backsplash

How about a backsplash that brings light to your kitchen, quite literally, in this case?

An LED-backlit backsplash, as seen here: makes your backsplash multifunctional. It’s about more than merely protecting your kitchen walls but providing color and illumination as well.

Although this photo is taken during the day, the best time to watch LED lights come alive is at night. Your entire kitchen will be aglow.

If you have family members who often venture into the kitchen after dark for a midnight snack, they won’t have to worry about them stubbing their toe on the fridge door anymore.

Textured Glass Backsplash

At CBD Glass, a glass accent design company in Canada, we specialize in texturing glass accent items, kitchen backsplashes including.

Texturing adds unique appeal to your glass.

As this image showcases: a textured glass backsplash is quite a treat for the eyes by day. All the divots and curves of the textured glass really stand out.

If your backsplash features LED illumination, then the textured backsplash will be alight at night as well. The textures and dimensions will come alive in new and creative ways!

Multi-Paneled Glass Backsplash

Do you have a larger kitchen than most?

You know you’re blessed, but you worry about how you’ll protect so much wall with a backsplash.

The answer is to affix multiple glass panels together to comprise one seamless, safeguarding backsplash as shown here:

The simple backsplash in a pale blue hue doesn’t have any textures or LED lighting, but it does its job, which is to keep the walls clean. Considering this happy CBD customer has a shelf above the backsplash with a lot of fixtures and small knick-knacks on it, it’s a good thing food messes won’t get anywhere near there anymore.

Backpainted Glass Backsplash

The last glass backsplash idea we have for you features a one-of-a-kind CBD service called backpainting.

When we backpaint glass, we impart a new layer of color that comes through on the opposite side, as seen here:

The results are vibrant and fabulous, which is why backpainting is one of our most popular services!