Get the Wine Cellar of Your Dreams at CBD Glass

You’re a wine aficionado, always buying, collecting, and drinking as many varieties of wine as you can get your hands on. Your passion has built over the years, and at this point, you have so many bottles of wine that it’s no longer feasible for you to store them in your kitchen on a wine rack. There’s just not enough space, unless you want to fill your whole home with wine racks (which, while tempting, isn’t realistic).

The only option now, it seems, is to invest in a wine cellar. You’re thinking of remodeling your basement to become the ideal place for storing your multitudes of wine. You’re still in the researching and budgeting phase, so work on the wine cellar hasn’t started just yet. Still, with each passing day, you’re coming closer to getting the wine cellar you’ve always wanted.

Don’t just settle for any ol’ one. Here at CBD Glass, we can help you design the glass wine cellar of your dreams.

Our Past Work for Clients

When you think of a wine cellar, the first thought that comes to mind may be a dank, dark area that’s cavern-like in appearance. Today’s modern wine cellars don’t have to look like glorified caves at all. One wine cellar we designed for a CBD client was any wine lover’s dream. It had clean, white walls built back several inches. The walls were inlaid with glass panels and had overhead lights to illuminate the bottles of wine.

There were also customized metal wine bottle holders for a one-of-a-kind way of showing off favorite bottles. The frameless glass doors were unadorned so the wine could shine, literally. The glass countertops and kitchen island were decorated with wood accents and backlit with LED lighting.

What Do You Want for Your Wine Cellar?

Now it’s time to think about your own dream wine cellar. What does it include? The frameless glass doors protect wine from dust and humidity yet are sheer so you can see every bottle. That makes them great to have. The customized metal wine holders will make any bottle feel special, even if it’s not your most prized possession.

Then there’s our LED lighting. You can choose from hues like blue, green, red, or white, or you can even get lights that alternate between these colors. LED lighting provides a soft glow to your wine cellar, which is perfect mood lighting.

Of course, we’d be remiss in failing to mention our glass countertops and tabletops, which add a dash of class to any room, including your wine cellar.

Make It Happen Today!

We’re sure you have a million ideas bubbling in your head for your dream wine cellar after reading this. We want to hear all of them. At CBD Glass, we will make a project—even a wine cellar—according to your specifications. Anything and everything can be customized.

To get started today, give us a call at 1-855-872-4233 or contact us online via our website. Please give us the dimensions of your wine cellar as well as some other basic project information and we’ll get a quote to you right away.