Fun, Modern Glass Brick Ideas for the Home

Ah, the humble glass brick. On its own, it may look simplistic, but depending on your design capabilities, a single brick can become a part of something special.

From the kitchen to the bedroom (including children’s bedrooms), the entertainment room to the home office and the bathroom, glass bricks take a plain wall and make it something akin to a work of art.

Of course, as mentioned, this all comes down to you and what you want to do with your walls (and more). It can be intimidating to create your own glass design because you want to be sure you get it right the first time.

If the idea well is running a little dry, don’t worry. These five glass brick ideas are modern and fun. What more can you want?

1. A Kitchen Island with Glass Brick Legs

Here’s an idea that’s totally out of left-field: instead of adorning glass bricks on the walls, try using them in another inventive way! This kitchen island will certainly get everyone talking. The smooth glass countertop gives way to beautiful glass brick legs. Keep these simple to let the natural sunlight illuminate them from within.

2. Glass Brick Entryways

Ideal for many parts of the home (including hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms), glass brick entryways create a regal flair while adding an extra element of privacy. These are also great for catching the sunlight.

3. Glass Brick Partitions

If you telecommute, your home office has to look good while blocking out noise. With glass brick partitions that wrap around your office space, you can say goodbye to outside distractions that keep you from your work. Your makeshift office will still feel spacious, too.

4. Glass Brick Backsplashes

If you’re the type who gets into a cooking frenzy in the kitchen, then you know what a drag it can be to clean up your mess once you’re done. It seems like said mess is everywhere: on the countertops, the stovetops, the floor, and the walls.

You can at least keep your walls safe from liquids and other stains with glass brick backsplashes. These can be made to any size, pattern, color, and shape you prefer. If you cook often, a larger backsplash is probably right for you.

5. Colored Glass Bricks

We haven’t discussed the color of these glass bricks yet. They don’t just have to be translucent. In any of the applications above, you can get colored glass bricks. Whether you want just a few touches of color or you want your whole home to glow like a stained-glass window, it’s completely up to you.

Are you ready to start planning your glass brick project for any room of the home? If so, we strongly encourage you to contact us at CBD Glass today. Remember, we can customize glass bricks and other glass accent pieces your way! Whether you prefer your glass bricks colorful, translucent, or anything in between, we will work with you to make your home a masterpiece.

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