From Kitchen to Bathroom – Creative Ways to Incorporate Glass Countertops in Various Areas of Your Home

Countertops are a smart addition to the kitchen and bathroom, especially when you choose an appealing, resplendent material such as glass. If this is your first time working with glass counters, you might wonder how to incorporate them throughout the home.

This guide will present some phenomenal, copy-able ideas you’ll want to try ASAP!

glass kitchen countertop

Frosted Glass Full-Side Kitchen Counter

The first creative idea we have for a kitchen countertop is this full-side style. If you’re used to counters ending at, well, the edge of the countertop, this idea will blow your mind! The glass keeps running down the side of the counter.

The Aqua Clear (pale teal) glass base with a Melting Ice texture has an amazing, unique look yet a smooth outer surface for easy cleaning.

To bring out the incredible dimension of the textured glass, this happy CBD customer requested another popular addition to our glass countertops: LED lighting.

solid glass countertop

U-Shaped Glass Kitchen Counter

The next glass countertop idea we have is a U-shaped kitchen counter. The expansive shape of this countertop affords more room. You can easily step into the U-opening and prep meals for the whole family.

Our talented team built this kitchen counter using our Ultra Clear (translucent) glass base with a thickness of 1 ½ inches. The Sandstorm texture lends this counter great visual appeal, and the glowing blue LED lights are a fantastic accompaniment!

glass island countertop

Curvy Glass Kitchen Island

When you hire CBD Glass to build your glass kitchen countertop or kitchen island, we can create any shape and design you wish. Your ideas rule!

This curvy kitchen island showcases the breadth of work we can do. We added multicolored inserts to further make the glass kitchen island more unique. The Ultra Clear glass base lets the colors shine through, while the Melting Ice texture is subtle yet smart.

glass bathroom countertops

L-Shaped Glass Bathroom Counter

Moving on from the kitchen to the bathroom, a bathroom counter shaped like an L is perfect if you have a his-and-hers bathroom setup. This slim but lengthy counter has the space to accommodate two vessel sinks.

Even if you and your spouse or partner get ready in the morning (or at night) at the same time, the spaciousness of this counter ensures you won’t rub elbows.

This very pleased CBD customer asked for their counter with a glass thickness of 1 ½ inches and our popular Melting Ice texture. Additionally, they requested textured edges, a smart choice for giving the Melting Ice texture a seamless look.

small bathroom glass countertop

Nautical-Themed Glass Bathroom Counter Setup

The counter is but one part of what makes this bathroom so charming. The glass-tiled backsplash features tiles arranged to look like black and gray overlapping coral. The seashell-shaped vessel sink atop the glass bathroom counter is perfect.

This counter features our Ultra Clear glass at 1 ½ inches thick. We finished it with the Melting Ice texture.

If you’re ready to begin designing glass kitchen and bathroom counters like these or have something else in mind entirely, our team at CBD Glass wants to hear from you. Contact us today for more information or request a quote!