From Durability to Customization – Debunking Common Myths About Glass Countertops

If there’s one thing we hear a lot at CBD Glass, it’s that glass isn’t a suitable material for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Many people assume that because they’ve accidentally shattered a glass mirror or glass window once or twice in their lives that a glass counter will break just as easily.

It simply isn’t true, which is why we put together this post debunking these and the other most common myths about glass countertops. Let’s get started!

The Myth: Glass Countertops Break Easily


A glass kitchen or bathroom countertop is a lot more durable than a glass plate in your China cabinet. At CBD Glass, we use glass that’s an inch or several thick to build your glass counter. How thick will the glass be? That’s up to you.

We let you customize your countertops from top to bottom, including how thick the glass is. However, we only offer so many thickness options for a glass counter.

This is for the customer’s peace of mind. No matter how thick or thin you order your glass counter, it’s built to last.

You should always treat your counters as good as gold, but everyday use will not cause the countertops to chip or crack.

colorful glass countertop

The Myth: You Can’t Add Color to Glass Countertops


Maybe not all glass comes in fun colors, but ours does at CBD! You can add luminous, appealing colors with our backpainting service. This is different than inlaying colored tiles, as our talented artisans will paint the glass underneath to lend it a beautiful sense of color.

Whether you like bright hues, pastels, metallics, or even all of the above, our team can make your glass countertop a masterpiece.

glass bar top

The Myth: You Can’t Customize a Glass Countertop


Again, maybe not every retailer that sells glass counters for the kitchen or bathroom offers customization options, but CBD does. You have plenty of customization options besides selecting the thickness of your glass counter and its color through backpainting.

For instance, how does glass texturing sound? That’s one of the services our team offers at CBD. You can select from a myriad of rich, appealing textures that look like the starry skies, drifting sand through a desert, melting ice, or soft, rippling water.

This texturing extends to the edges of your custom kitchen or bathroom countertop for a look that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

We also offer LED lighting in white or RGB hues. If you combine the LED lighting with the glass texturing, the two have a beautiful marriage. The LEDs bring out all the fine details of the texture that you just don’t see in other settings.

Additionally, the LED lights add something electric to your counter. They’re also a great safety feature if you venture into your bathroom or kitchen late at night or very early in the morning.