Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Countertops

New counters are a significant investment of time and money. You’ll have to endure as the counters get ripped out and new ones installed, so before you proceed, you want to feel entirely confident in your purchasing decision.

We agree you should love the counters you choose! That’s why we put together this helpful, handy FAQ about glass countertops.

Kitchen glass island

Q: Are glass countertops thick?

A: They’re much thicker than window glass if that’s what you’re asking! At CBD Glass, we give our customers three glass thicknesses to select from when ordering custom counters. All are durable and sure to last.

Q: Is glass the right counter material for my kitchen or bathroom?

A: The answer is a resounding yes. Glass blends into most existing décor and doesn’t clash, which is something you can’t always say about counter materials. No matter what your kitchen or bathroom looks like, a glass counter fits right in.

Q: Do my glass counters have to be square or rectangular?

A: Not in the slightest! Although these traditional shapes are the standard because of their conventional appeal, we can create counters in any shape you desire, from rounded counters to L-shaped counters and more.

Q: Is my glass countertop going to be translucent?

A: Only if you want it to be. We offer a clear or pale blue base to start with. Some customers choose one of the two and are happy with that, but some of our customers take matters a step further with our backpainting services.

We can custom-paint your counter in any color you wish, from metallic shades to bright hues, pastels, monochromes, and everything in between. We can even combine colors for a multifaceted approach.

Q: What is the glass texturing you offer?

A: When assembling your custom glass countertop, we’ll add texture to the glass to create a wondrous effect. Customers can’t get enough of how much dimension this adds, especially when you combine the texturing with our LED lighting.

Q: Do glass counters break easily?

A: Not if you care for them well! Then they shouldn’t break at all. We recommend keeping very heavy items off the counters and avoiding any sharp items that can scratch. Keep pets away from the counter too, as their nails can do some damage.

Q: Is it hard to clean glass counters?

A: Not at all. If anything, it couldn’t be easier. You can tidy up your glass counters using a microfiber cloth to wipe surface debris. Mild dish soap and water on a microfiber cloth will remove more stubborn messes.

Q: How often do I need to clean a glass countertop?

A: Not too terribly often, about once a week or more frequently if you make a lot of messes in the kitchen (or your family members do). It’s a quick, easy, and effortless job.

Q: Does glass stain?

A: It does not. That’s one of the biggest selling points of glass countertops, the fact that they resist stains so well. You can spill wine, melted chocolate, butter, cheese, or vegetable oil on the counter, and it won’t suffer any ill effects.