Five Reasons to Consider Updating Your Windows This Spring

The long, sunny days of spring are finally upon us. While that means you’ll probably be spending more time outdoors than in, this is the perfect time to take stock of your house and see what needs updating and replacing.

When was the last time you’ve changed out your windows? If you’ve lived in your house for a decade or more and you’ve never gotten replacement windows, you’re wasting a lot of money every single month.

Here are five compelling reasons to get new windows for spring.

1. Less Reliance on the Air Conditioner

The temperatures are starting to heat up. In response, you’re probably dusting off your air conditioner and using it to cool down the house.

There’s just one issue with that. Your old windows are likely drafty. That means there are tiny gaps all around your windows where outdoor air can come in.

No matter how much you crank the AC, your house never feels adequately cool. Once the summer arrives, the heat can be downright stifling.

Save your air conditioner and upgrade your windows instead.

2. Lower Energy Bills

Not only does overreliance on your AC hurt the lifespan of the unit, it also hurts your wallet. Each month, your energy bill totals increase more and more. This isn’t just because the weather is warmer.

Once the temperatures cool down in the autumn and winter, the same thing will happen. You’ll crank the heat, but your drafty windows are still letting wintry air in the house. Your house thus never feels quite warm enough.

New windows may be an investment, but they’ll more than pay for themselves with your drastically lower energy bills.

3. Better for Mother Nature

When you think of ways to conserve the earth, your windows probably don’t come to mind. They should, though.

These days, many new windows come Energy Star-certified. If your windows are more than 10 years old, chances are they don’t pass the standards.

Here’s what makes these Energy Star-certified windows so ecofriendly:

  • Included warm edge spacers to prevent loss of heat
  • Gas fills made of krypton or argon for improved insulation
  • Low e-glass with coatings to retain heat
  • Multiple panes
  • Tough insulating frames

4. Safety

While many homes today are protected with burglar alarms and other safety equipment, it never hurts to go the extra mile. The multiple panes included with most new windows make them harder to break. In the event of an attempted burglary, that can keep your family and your home protected.

5. Curb Appeal

Drafty old windows are not only energy hogs, but they’re unappealing, too. Do your home a favor and get some new, attractive windows. You deserve to be proud of your home, after all.

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