Five Great Reasons to Get Glass Railings

Railings are meant to keep you safe as you ascend and descend a set of stairs. These also fence in tall areas to prevent anyone from falling. That doesn’t mean your railings have to look bad, though. What if you discovered you can have functional, appealing railings?

You can if you choose glass railings. These are sophisticated additions to any home or commercial space. These may be frameless, which gives them a contemporary appeal, or they may come with sturdy handles for easy gripping.

Not sure whether glass railings are right for your home or commercial space? Read on for these five great reasons to get glass railings.

1. These Railings Look Lovely

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, glass railings add a touch of class to any space. These railings have an elegance you just can’t find with wooden or metal railings. Any room in which you get these railings will instantly look better.

2. They’re Sturdy and Secure

Of course, safety is a top priority. That’s why you have railings in the first place. You might think that glass railings will easily crack. Not if you shop with us at CBD Glass. We always make our glass products thick and durable. In fact, we let you, the customer, pick the glass thickness you want. That means you never have to worry about how secure these railings are.

3. They Clean Quickly

If you have wooden railings, you need to buy wood cleaner and polish to spiff these up. With metal railings, it can be a pain to clean all the ornate parts. Glass railings save you time and effort. You only need a soft cloth, soap, and warm water to clean these.

Of course, just be careful to wipe the glass in the same direction as you clean to get a streak-free shine.

4. They Let More Light in

Do you ever wish you could spend more time outside? Between working full-time and filling the rest of your time with other activities though, you don’t really have a second to spare. With glass railings, you can bring the natural sunlight to you.

Getting more sunlight will improve your mood. You’ll also be able to enjoy amazing views from your home, office, or other commercial space.

Glass railing with combination of stainless steel

5. They’re Customizable

Some companies, like CBD Glass, allow for complete customization of your glass railings. As mentioned, we let you choose the glass thickness. You can also select the shape. Maybe you want a wavy glass railing for some fun and whimsy. We can do it. Of course, we also sell straight, standard railings if that’s preferable.

No matter what your dream railings look like, count on us to make them possible.

Are you ready to order glass railings? Contact us at CBD Glass. We’re a Toronto, Ontario, Canada glass manufacturer that makes glass items and accent pieces. As mentioned, we’re happy to customize your glass railings to your preferences. These can be wavy or straight, translucent or colorful. Call today to learn more!