Q. How is the glass countertop compares in durability with granite and other stones?

A. Glass countertops are more rigid then granite and this allows counter leaver to be more without any extra support.

Q. How to take care of glass countertop?

A. As any glass surfaces, just clean it with any glass cleaners such as Windex.

Q. Can you cut on the glass countertops and put hot pot on it?

A. You should protect glass countertops the same as any other surfaces and put protectors.

Q. Do the spills of wine or coffee leave stains on the glass countertop?

A. Because the glass is non-porous surface, it is stain proof and also hygienic, anti-bacterial and mold resistant.

Q. How difficult is to install glass countertop?

A. Countertops come fully prefabricated and ready to go. No special tools or knowledge needed to install.  Our expert technician will guide your contractor through all stages.

Q. Do you ship?

A. We ship all across Canada and U.S.A.  Our packaging consists of reinforced wooden crates.  All  orders are carefully packed and inspected prior to shipment.  Shipments are fully insured.