Exploring the Different Types and Styles of Glass Countertops

Modern glass countertop

Curious to know what’s in store if you decide to upgrade your counters to glass? Here is an overview of your options. 

Types of Glass Countertops

Check out the various styles you can choose from. 


Cool glass countertops

A tabletop glass counter is a trendy, timeless home addition. You can opt for a glass tabletop all its own, or have one installed over wood depending on your budget and interests. 

At CBD, we give you two base glass options to select from, Aqua Clear (teal) or Ultra Clear (transparent). You can also add color and texture to your tabletop, making it more than a surface for eating, but a spot in your kitchen for appreciating.

The best part is that when you’re done with your meal, you can sweep the crumbs off and use dish soap and a damp microfiber cloth to clean smudges and spills. 


Decorative glass countertops

You invested in a home bar. Give it the look it deserves with a custom glass bar from CBD Glass. Whether yours is a straight, angular bar or one that curves and undulates like ocean waves, we can build you an extraordinary nook for hosting your friends and family. 

May we recommend our LED lighting? It gives your bar that neon-lights feel you’re seeking. However, unlike neon, LED lights are far better for the environment. They’re safer, brighter, and last longer, burning for thousands of hours. 

Raised Bar

A raised bar is a small yet smart addition to a kitchen, dining room, living room, entertainment room, or family room. It’s an impactful change to existing furniture that makes a major difference. 

For example, you can lengthen a dining table or countertop made of another material, adding a glass perimeter. This gives you more counter space to use and a greater dining area. 


Recycled glass countertops

Sleek, stylish, and professional, glass bathroom countertops will instantly elevate this space, no matter how tiny. CBD offers a series of glass sinks, include vessel and pedestal sinks, that will take your bathroom to the next level.

Think of how much easier it will be to keep your bathroom clean when most of the surfaces are made of glass. You won’t need five separate cleaning products when you can use dish soap to remove smudges, surface grime, and hard water. 


Crushed glass countertops

Glass kitchen counters are our most popular product at CBD Glass, and rightfully so! Glass has many advantages over other countertop materials. It’s lower-maintenance than natural stone or metal and doesn’t require you to use any specialty products to clean it.

Here’s another perk: glass is nonporous. This means it doesn’t collect germs or food debris, a must when you frequently use your kitchen counters for meal preparation. 

Kitchen Island

Many of our CBD customers also opt for a glass kitchen island after realizing how useful glass kitchen counters are. You can match the kitchen island counter to your main kitchen counter or go for a different type of style. You can’t choose wrong! 

Glass Countertop Styles

You’re in the right spot if you want to learn more about the glass counter styles offered by CBD. Let’s take a look. 

  • Square or rectangular: Rectangular or square-shaped counters are the standard for a reason. They complement almost any type of kitchen or bathroom, lending it uniformity. 
  • Curvy or wavy: A curvy or wavy counter challenges the eye, as it’s unexpected. Instantly, the shape lends the counter much more visual appeal and intrigue than it if was made in a traditional shape. 
  • Colored: Besides the option to select teal blue glass for your counter base, you can also opt into a service known as backpainting. A talented CBD team member imparts color to the underside of the glass, making it more appealing and fashionable. 
  • Texture: Another excellent service available at CBD Glass is glass texturing. This is an especially great choice for bars or kitchen countertops, as you have so much surface area to work with that the texturing of the glass will stand out in the best way. We offer many natural and surreal textures to match your vision. 
  • Illumination: LED lighting will take your glass countertop to another dimension. You’ll win style points and enjoy the added element of safety in the kitchen or bathroom when the lights come alive after dark. Select from all white or colorful LEDs, like green, blue, and red. 
  • Edge banding: You can also opt for edge banding, a unique service we provide that adds texturing to the edges of the glass accent item. This is another style choice that looks amazing when installed on countertops. 

Ready to Order Your Glass Countertop? 

Bring your glass countertop vision to life with the pro service at CBD Glass. We’ll create your tailored, treasured counter in any style you wish. Your new counter will complement the room it’s in and showcase your personal tastes. Call 855-872-4223 to discuss your glass counter project.